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Uneasy about life
lonely without my friends
desperate to touch
Crazy for love

MY heart longs to be with you forever.
Don't ever break my heart.
My love is all yours.
Don't leavve me alone

Daring to get out of the box.

Accentuating movements draw the mind's eye into a new world

Just because I'm different,
Doesn't mean I'm scary
Doesn't mean I'm not normal
And doesn't mean I don't have friends

S-slowly eating at my soul burying me in a pit of despair

A-attention deficit due to the lack of patience I can not hold out much

Go on get you groove on
dance like on one's
watching there's no need to
be shy dance dance dance

We all live in a delicate
world and each
one danced their own
individual dance

Darkening every day

Eating away at you physically

Destiny holds you and I to
this world together
Yous and I are forever
attached no one can

It's cold as ice outside and
I am all alone there is
no comfort for me except
to know that I am again single

Sleep has eluded me
leaving me with
a sense of a lack
of awareness

Dare you to make a move
advance on me like a
hunting tiger
Read the way my

Striking beauty surrounds
the world but few stop
to take a look at it. Few
stop to take care of it.

My anger is frustrating
me for I fear
I may no longer be able
to contain it for

Silently I creep
in the darkness
to my intended goal.
I feel the tingling forces

Baby I'm missing you and the
way you make me feel.
Could it be I've found something real?
Whats new with you?

Do I dare ask you what
you think of me?
Do you feel for me as I
Feel for you?

Welcome the rain.
Let is fall and replenish your soul.
Let it cleans those tormented feelings.
Let the gray clouds settle in for a while.

On the verge of tears,
just wanting to be loved.
Lonely to the point
of depression hurt beyond

Krazy Rae Biography

I am eighteen. I love to write poetry, stories and screenplays. I am fairly ambitious I plan to go to school for culinary arts. But writing is the way i express how I am feeling deep inside my soul and what I see around me. I currently have 400 poems and am counting seeing that I'm always writing so wish me luck as day by day I post more and more of my poems up on the site)

The Best Poem Of Krazy Rae

I Am...

Uneasy about life
lonely without my friends
desperate to touch
Crazy for love
Unafraid to die
Unwilling to give up
Lovable when I'm not mad
Outgoing in every way
Angry with the way my life is
Frustrated with the way my parents treat me
Confused about why they (parents) always have to be right
In love with my boys and girls
Forgetful about what I refuse to remember
Sad about the death of my cousin
Content with who I am
Jumpy when I am at home
dazed when I think about kissing
Tuned out when I don't care
In pain when someone says something mean
Terrible when I want to torment some one
Loving when it's anyone but those few that are obnoxious
I am...
100% me
I will...
Learn to ignore those that annoy me
I am...
Always 100% uniquely ME

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