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I am eighteen. I love to write poetry, stories and screenplays. I am fairly ambitious I plan to go to school for culinary arts. But writing is the way i express how I am feeling deep inside my soul and what I see around me. I currently have 400 poems and am counting seeing that I'm always writing so wish me luck as day by day I post more and more of my poems up on the site

Krazy Rae Poems

Dance (Acrostic)

Daring to get out of the box.

Accentuating movements draw the mind's eye into a new world

I Am...

Uneasy about life
lonely without my friends
desperate to touch
Crazy for love

The Love I'Ve Been Looking For

MY heart longs to be with you forever.
Don't ever break my heart.
My love is all yours.
Don't leavve me alone

Just Because I'M Different

Just because I'm different,
Doesn't mean I'm scary
Doesn't mean I'm not normal
And doesn't mean I don't have friends

Sadness (Acrostic)

S-slowly eating at my soul burying me in a pit of despair

A-attention deficit due to the lack of patience I can not hold out much

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