Kris Atta Pappoe

Rookie (Akuse, Ghana)

Kris Atta Pappoe Poems

1. The Returners 12/5/2009
2. Lanor 12/7/2009
3. Gabada For Christiansborg 12/7/2009
4. Whitemail 12/7/2009
5. Idiagbon 12/7/2009
6. New York! New York! 12/7/2009
7. Two Thousand Seasons 12/7/2009
8. Revolution? 12/7/2009
9. Tequila 12/8/2009
10. Easter Morning 5/8/2011
11. Zadokeli 12/7/2009
12. Sojourners 12/5/2009
13. Anima Kristi 12/5/2009
14. Addis Ababa Farewell 12/7/2009
15. Thru My Fault 12/7/2009
16. Commuters Call 12/5/2009
17. Illusion 12/7/2009

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We heard them shouting loudly,
They heard us lamenting over plight.
They told us there was a Saviour coming
And our heart leapt with gladness
But Time, its sweet memories have left unfulfilled.
And Tyrants have usurped our hearts and voices.

In times of grief and oppression
Our Fathers chanted wild the name of Freedom
And knocked loudly on Liberty’s temple.
Mother Nature listened and sent her sons.
But they cried: Not Ghandi Not Malcolm X, not Nkrumah, Not Luther King.
There was a Peacemaker called Kennedy.
They heard he loved ...

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Wipe the tears out of my eyes, Labor.
Wipe these salty tears away.
The vision of it all dulls my brain
And my heart heaves with sorrow.
Once again I see those familiar, dear ones
Turned into passive teasing shadows.
As I flirt silently through these vistas.

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