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Between Breath & Touch
strides a whispered Caress
Across endless plains
of Dream time

Hold back from us the golden sandal dawn,
already on the sea the fading light of dreams
and then you're gone.

On the shore;
He felt her breath
on winds of her horizon
He, the ocean moaning,

I lay in darkened beauty
against the golden dawn
where I feel you,
for only a brief perfect moment,

It's the kind of night where
you hear the ghost songs
of a lonely saxophone drift.

An artist's fingers to trace my skin,
mold my soul share this sin
flesh pressed against mine,
lips of dark desire entwine.

Had we touched
the blue sea
at indigo dusk, entwined
faded moonlight's decree,

Lingering like delicate webs
in a lavender twilight, on the west side
of night down back alleys, a mendicant,

Senses drained my plain,
of shallow water
into darker heavens.

Its kind and quiet here with only
the night humming lullabies,
and the silence is eloquent
well placed it vibrates through

Those that have awakened
watching from afar
Sliding in the wind,
hidden in the scream

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I'm a spiritual person in a beautiful landscape. Nature inspires my words. Sometimes reading others poetry inspires images that reach to my poetic side. Touching the mystical.)

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Between Breath & Touch

Between Breath & Touch
strides a whispered Caress
Across endless plains
of Dream time
past the blind husks of the awake

Driven by powers so ancient
yet pulsing with life
I run without tiring
my feet beat the rhythm
I feel in my soul
forever I'd wander
to follow your glow

Beyond the seasons
of a thousands lives
There lays a corridor
where true love
lives and breathes

No miles can elude
No hand of man
Can destroy

Across a million miles,
You hold my heartbeat
In your hand....

Rozz © June 1998

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