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The Vomit Of Penis

Like a juice machine
They crush, squeeze and extract
all the juices of the breast
The two divine sweet jars you offer on your chest

Kn My Friend

 KN my friend

KN my friend

Last Night

Erotic haiku

Last night
I fluttered under the garden

Whenever I Pass Through This Way

Whenever I pass through this way
The sun rays and shadows touching my body pass away
Whenever I pass through this way
The mud and dusk touching my body flow away

Me The Ugly Guy

Me the ugly guy

Me the ugly guy, can't laugh anymore
simply cry in a heap upon the floor

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Krishna Shivkumar yadav is a Mumbai based short film maker and writer, with art degree in Broadcast Journalism and Mass communication. His Short film 'The hands of crime' was officially selected at Mumbai Women's International Film Festival and Dharbanga international film festival.He had been a part of 'Naad Bhed', a National classical music reali ...

Krishna Shivkumar yadav Popularity