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I like to write poems when I am really up set when I am angry at domeone or the world i like writing poem about anything i hae them with my friend o they an tell me o it over or keep it i like it

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Loving You

Loving you is wonderful
Loving you is waiting under the stars for you
Loving your personalitiy is talking to you everynite
Loving you is understanding you.

See The Difference In Me

I stare into space to wonder what will happen?
under the hed of gods tears,

Me And You

I love you
I cherrih you
I love to ee you smile
I just wish that you liked me a much as i like you

In Me Head

I promise to be there when your lonely.
I promise to be there when your crying
I promise thing everyday that dont work out how they need to
I promise i promise thats all i hear you want to here more but my feelings is fear.

I Hate The Way

I hate my mom
i hate the way she doesn't call
i hate the way he act like i'm not here child
At least my dad is there for me.

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