Kriti Sahay Poems

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Slow Down

I can't remember when I started remembering things
Filling dreams with realities and reality with dreams
Started realising my responsibilities as a human being
From walking and playing with life, I started running


It is hard to live with everything that is going on,
I just want to say goodbye as I'll gone forever.
I won't be in the stars as I'll be there in your heart,
I hope you will move on and make me just a stranger

Memories And Photographs

If I ever get a chance to peep into the future,
It would not surprise me if I exist only in memories.
Fading memories recalled periodically,
With a tear getting smaller every time

Forget Me

It has gone out of hand now,
I have no choice left.
This place is not meant for me,
This air is not meant for my breath.

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