Kulkarni Puttu

Kulkarni Puttu Poems

1. Question Of Almighty 3/6/2012
2. Contrariety 3/7/2012
3. Every Thing Is There 3/7/2012
4. How Can I Forget.......... 3/8/2012
5. Introspection Of Death 3/12/2012
6. Poetry Was In 3/12/2012
7. Aim 3/14/2012
8. Why The Poets Are Like This...? 3/15/2012
9. Poornima Of Intuition 3/16/2012
10. Petrolopanishad(Upanishad Of Oil) 3/18/2012
11. Ultimate Fine 3/22/2012
12. Pricing The Earth 3/22/2012
13. Body Is The Soul Of Shadow 3/29/2012
14. Voyage On The Silent Zone 3/29/2012
15. Introspection Of Fifty-Plus 4/3/2012
16. Before Enter The Goal 6/3/2012
17. Poetry Is A Butterfly 2/29/2012
18. Signature Of Almighty 2/29/2012
19. Marvelous Morning 3/1/2012
20. Paradoxical Freedom Of Utopian Welfare 3/1/2012
21. World Of Words 3/2/2012
22. Introspection Of A Technocrat 3/3/2012
23. If I Feel 3/5/2012
24. Poetry Means 3/5/2012

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    I am a new person to this poemhunter world.

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Best Poem of Kulkarni Puttu

Poetry Means

Poetry means....
Universal power, which guides
the location of commensalisms to
the planets and stars

Poetry means.......
Traveling light-beam in the dark
To bright every field;
and light every - fold

Poetry means......
Correlated heart-beating waves
with the pulsation of the absolute
Abstract feelings

Poetry means......
Refined melting golden -sheath
In the crucible of universal -truth

Poetry means...
Percolating saliva by emollient lips
in the innocent-laugh of infant buds

Poetry means....
A dropp of happiness to ...

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If I Feel

If I feel the rhythms of blooming petals
If I feel the photons of speeding light
If I feel the innocence of infant smile
Distance is vanished; I am with Thee

If I feel I can hear the speaking trees
If I feel the fragrance in action of honey-bees
If I feel the image of absolute nothingness
Distance is vanished; I am with Thee

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