Kulkarni Puttu

Kulkarni Puttu Poems

1. Question Of Almighty 3/6/2012
2. Contrariety 3/7/2012
3. Every Thing Is There 3/7/2012
4. How Can I Forget.......... 3/8/2012
5. Introspection Of Death 3/12/2012
6. Poetry Was In 3/12/2012
7. Aim 3/14/2012
8. Why The Poets Are Like This...? 3/15/2012
9. Poornima Of Intuition 3/16/2012
10. Petrolopanishad(Upanishad Of Oil) 3/18/2012
11. Ultimate Fine 3/22/2012
12. Pricing The Earth 3/22/2012
13. Body Is The Soul Of Shadow 3/29/2012
14. Voyage On The Silent Zone 3/29/2012
15. Introspection Of Fifty-Plus 4/3/2012
16. Before Enter The Goal 6/3/2012
17. Poetry Is A Butterfly 2/29/2012
18. Signature Of Almighty 2/29/2012
19. Marvelous Morning 3/1/2012
20. Paradoxical Freedom Of Utopian Welfare 3/1/2012
21. World Of Words 3/2/2012
22. Introspection Of A Technocrat 3/3/2012
23. If I Feel 3/5/2012
24. Poetry Means 3/5/2012

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  • Puttu Kulkarni (3/3/2012 10:02:00 AM)

    I am a new person to this poemhunter world.

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Best Poem of Kulkarni Puttu

Poetry Means

Poetry means....
Universal power, which guides
the location of commensalisms to
the planets and stars

Poetry means.......
Traveling light-beam in the dark
To bright every field;
and light every - fold

Poetry means......
Correlated heart-beating waves
with the pulsation of the absolute
Abstract feelings

Poetry means......
Refined melting golden -sheath
In the crucible of universal -truth

Poetry means...
Percolating saliva by emollient lips
in the innocent-laugh of infant buds

Poetry means....
A dropp of happiness to ...

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Signature Of Almighty

While honoring root for its sacrifice
Silence is shining canvas of universe
While meditating for the evolution

Star is the illuminating support by eternity
While venomous clouds swallow the tunes
Truth is the sky to allow the space for all
While movement of elements towards Unknown

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