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KwaNdebele Science School Poems

1. I Thought You Did... 10/4/2013
2. The Broken Frame 10/4/2013
3. The Unknowne Love 10/4/2013
4. Is It About Feelings? 10/4/2013
5. Why Did I Born? 10/4/2013
6. My Thoughts 10/3/2013
7. Orphans Prayer 10/4/2013
8. A War Zone Couple 10/14/2013
9. The Reason Why I Call Your Name So Much 10/14/2013
10. Are We The Women We Ought To Be? 10/14/2013
11. A New Day 10/14/2013
12. After Dark 10/14/2013
13. Ubusuku Nemini Abufani! 10/3/2013
14. Desiree De Busrry 10/14/2013
15. Who I Am 10/14/2013
16. Africa 10/14/2013
17. I Adore You 10/14/2013
18. The Fear Lies In The Dark 10/15/2013
19. The Greatest Gift 10/15/2013
20. My Peers 10/15/2013
21. A Peace Of My Heart With A Touch Of Music 10/15/2013
22. I Promise 10/15/2013
23. Kuyoze Kubenini 10/18/2013
24. Ipilo 10/18/2013
25. A Christan Life 10/18/2013
26. What He Said 10/14/2013
27. Love 10/29/2013
28. Promise Unkept 10/29/2013
29. When Love And Hate Collides 10/29/2013
30. You 11/16/2013
31. It Was War 11/16/2013
32. Then I Met You 11/16/2013
33. To My Mother 2/8/2014
34. The Love I Know You Need 11/16/2013
35. Teenage Pregnancy 10/29/2013
36. Love Is A War 10/14/2013
37. My Dad 10/4/2013
38. Too Many Wasted Nights 10/29/2013
39. I Am An Original 11/26/2013
40. Ukuziphatha Kwabo 11/16/2013

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  • Kwandebele Science School (9/27/2017 12:54:00 PM)

    Thank you very much, I am glad you liked them all. It's been years since i spoke to some of those students, however to those who are close, I will let them know.

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  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (9/3/2017 4:41:00 AM)

    I read a few poems by the students and liked all. It's a nice idea to share poems by different students on the same page.

  • Kwandebele Science School (10/9/2013 5:07:00 AM)

    NICE! ! .........................................................

Best Poem of KwaNdebele Science School

My Black Is Beautiful

Yes, I'm black, darker than most,
But in my blackness I boast.
Boasting of my own? No!
But boasting of the quality
Which He: my God gave me!

From the curvature of my hips
To the thickness of my thighs,
Yes; even down to my big brown eyes?
He made my black beautiful!
And for the first time in a long
Time, I'm loving me and mine.

Come to the truth, should have
Known it from my youth,
But now that I know my
Black is beautiful,
You cannot use me, mistreat
Or abuse me.

It is no longer a allusion but
I have come to the ...

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The Broken Frame

Windows where opened;
I saw a round pan,
From a distance it
Looked like it.
Up-close, it was a shadow
Of a frame moved by the wind,
From the opened windows.
On the floor, smashed!
Glasses all over the place.

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