Kymyata Parks Poems

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I hate the fact i love you when i never planned to start,
i hate the fact that you made my whole world fall apart,
i hate the fact that you will always have an affect on me,
i hate the fact that my feelings are taking a huge tole on me,

You Promised

Promises mean everything.
You promised to keep my heart whole, and safe forever.
You promised that you wouldn't break it or set it aside to let it rott.
You promised to be there for me, when i needed you the most.

She's Happy Again

And she was happy again,
She smiled,
She laughed,
She danced,

Just Maybe,

Maybe i am nothing.
Maybe i really don't exist to you.
Maybe i was just something that popped up in your dreams.
Maybe im just a stain that will fade away.


When i look at you, i have nothing to say.
When i think about you, you were only a mistake standing in my way.
When i hear you about you i walk away.

Not Good Enough

I Remember

I remember Crying every night over you,
I was completely clueless,
I was blind from my left side to know anyone would have the Right to do what you did,
You broke me in more than two, you broke me in three,

This World,

The wind blew heavily,
The lake was Drying out...
My Grandmother was crying,
And flowers in the winter began to sprout...

Never And Always

Ill never be your soul mate,
illl never be your match,
ill never be what you what you want me to be,
but weirdly still attached,


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