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Up there, she stands,
beatifull, silent, proud,
jungled mountains dance around her,
as constelations pass by.

* Jacarandá: typical tree in Buenos Aires, which flowers are mauve.

Spread all over the city,

Bs. As., March 12th,2009.

For Mariano Moruja

for Clara, my daughter, my heart, my song

She didn't invite me,

One certain truth I feel,
heavily, stony firm:
everything that now is,
uncertain future has.

for my mother

As she asked on and on,

When you ask, I answer,
I follow when you lead,
though I ask, you stay quiet,
Are you, a game, playing with me?

Summer's approaching,
and I can hear his call,
his salty, deep blue voice:
'Will you come after all? '

No words are spoken,
little, in fact, is explained,
still you read my heart,
by heart, no doubts, damn well.

It was the day, much expected,
I'd agreeded to meet her,
my little woman, and still, for me,
my little child, my love, the greatest.

Dedicated to my, once, fellow singers. I was lucky to know them, for which I'll always be gratefull.

Tears, joy, euphoria, rest.

She said very little,
I guessed very much.
'What's that? ' she asked.
Behind my dark glasses I smiled.

a little street from El Cuzco, Peru.

High walls have sunshine,

I can not write today.
Rejection's a deep wound.
His embrace, lasted all night,
tenderness, no sex, that's was all.

I did not expect it,
I didn't even hope for it,
but it happened:
my sweet daughter came to me,

The little terrace, the only glow,
city's lights sparkle, Wind begins
his song, as we make
the first steps of our unique dance,

This is a much more sincere version, of 'Mind, Heart and Answer', from August,22th.

Miramar, enero 2006

El mar tiene, hoy, un dìa de cien azules.
Zafiro, aguamarina, turquesa,


Hearing through silence,
no music is there,
maybe I'm sleepwalking,
anyway, who cares?

Not yet dark enough, is the sky.
Tha Moon, what a 'diva' she is.
She's a red fire, for now,
she spyies naughty, saprkly,

Laa Finita Biography

I lost my heart: music and singing. I found new music in poetry. I was born y still live in Argentina. I`m 46. I used to sing in a proffessional chamber choir. We perfomed twenty century`s music. After 12 years, two european tours, famous concerts, famous threaters, international awards, two failed marriages, I felt I could not keep going. My daughter is now sixteen and she`s just decided to live with her father. I`m alone again. I now sing in a small choir, but the better years of my life are gone. Poetry soothes my pain, for how long? I don`t know.)

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% Machu Pichu, Peru

Up there, she stands,
beatifull, silent, proud,
jungled mountains dance around her,
as constelations pass by.

Stone, grey, green curves,
shape the slopes, still steep.
Awesome, within the silence,
it is The Wind who sings.

In childish ways,
the Sun, the Fog, play,
caressing the citadel,
magic the lights, cast over her.

In just one breath
she owned my voice.
Quiet, I sing of peace,
on these terraces of God.

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