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lara arnaout Poems

1. My Life 5/24/2008
2. Real World 5/24/2008
3. Take Care 5/24/2008
4. The Worst Feeling 5/24/2008
5. In A Sudden 5/24/2008
6. Drown 5/24/2008
7. The End 5/24/2008
8. Nothing Could Make Me Forgive Or Forget 5/24/2008
9. You Wont Have The Chance 6/28/2008
10. You Used To Be That Boy 7/9/2008
11. It's Over 7/9/2008
12. I Love You 7/9/2008
13. Love Is Higher Than We Can Reach 7/9/2008
14. Go Away 7/17/2008
15. A Sacrifice 8/23/2008
16. Show Me The Way 8/23/2008
17. Love Story 10/18/2008
18. No Love Without Trust 10/18/2008
19. Keep On Laughing 12/6/2008
20. This Girl Was Me 12/6/2008
21. Words 2/2/2009
22. A Chance 4/17/2009
23. Waiting 5/25/2008
24. Sorry My Love 6/15/2009
25. Your Fate 7/31/2009
26. Sometimes 7/31/2009
27. New Love 5/12/2010
28. Special Case 5/12/2010
29. Forbidden Love 5/12/2010
30. My Love 5/12/2010
31. When I Look At You 5/24/2008
32. Loving You 4/17/2009
33. The Best Days In My Life 5/24/2008
34. Love Can Never Die 6/2/2008
35. You Lost Me 5/24/2008
36. Hard To Believe 5/24/2008
37. Dont Ask Me 5/31/2008
Best Poem of lara arnaout

Dont Ask Me

don’t ask me to forgive because I am trying
don’t believe me If I said I forgave you because I am lying
I said I am ok but inside I am dying

don’t ask me to forget because I am about to lose my memory
Yes I tried to accept your regret and forget
But I ended up that my love to you is a thing you would never get

don’t ask me to love you because I have already did
And what did I get
A broken heart forever

don’t ask me to care because I am thinking to care or not
Because I cared a lot
And I am afraid to get the same end I got

don’t ask me why...

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The Best Days In My Life

it was the best days in my life
when we sat together during all day and night
when we didnt care if we were wrong or right
when we were just having fun and never fight
when we didnt think about what should and what might
when we sat in the night watching the moon night
when we stood together during the good and bad very tight
when we used to treat life as a kite
when we didnt count down the time

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