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Tears Of Sorrow
Tears Of Grief
Tears Of Love
Tears Of Pain

A Walk With You
A Hand In Hand
A Heart In Heart
A Mind In Peace

I Love Him. I Need Hi In My Life Right Now And Always
His Shoulder Ill Cry On
For Him Ill Die For
Ill Take All His Pain Away And Give It Back To Who Gave It To Him

Baby I Love You
Baby I Missed You Today, You Finally Got Rid Of Your Selfish Ways
Baby I Saw You Put Me First Today
Baby It Put A Smile On My Face

I Dare She Lie To Me
Dare She Crush My Dream
Give Me Pain That Never Leaves
Plays Me Like A Game, And She Has The Joystick

Our Love Gets Stronger Each And Everyday
A Day Went By An I Didn't Talk To You
That Night When I Went To Sleep I Couldn't Sleep
The Pillow Tried To Comfort Me

Say That You Love Me
My Heart Says She Loves You Too
Believe It When I Say It Even Though Things Seem To Good To Be True
I Had My Guard Up, My Heart Trusted You

It's Here Where She Sleeps
It's Here Where She Awakes
It's In Her Conscious
It Runs Threw Her Veins Just As Blood Does

She Won't Love Another
She Won't Trust Another
She Won't Hate Herself
She Won't Blame Herself

He Is Kind,
He Is Sweet,
He's The Night Dat Swept Me Off My Feet,
He Kisses My Neck,

Senses Of Truth
Senses Of Lies
Senses Of Death
Senses Of Life

If My Eyez Could Bleed They Would
If All The Pain An Hurt Would Leave
If He Knew How He Hurts Me, His Eyez Would Bleed Too
Like A Mime In The Room, Its Silent

Purple Hearts

They Say We Really Bleed Blue
But Oxygen Makes It Red

Is Love A He Or A She

Love He's Such A Beautiful Word
Love I Miss Him Even Though He's Never Left



Like Akon Im So Lonely
So Much Going Threw My Mind

Your Crying Because You Need Too
Your Crying Because You Have Not Learned To Accept Your Self
Your Crying Because Now You Know The Truth, It's Set Your Tears Free
Your Crying Because Your Looking For A Boy To Like You Instead Of A Man

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' Tears '

Tears Of Sorrow
Tears Of Grief
Tears Of Love
Tears Of Pain
Tears Of Joy
Tears Of Fear
Tears Of Fright
Tears Of Misery
Tears Of Me.....

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Latasha Dixon Popularity

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