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19 October 2017

If men were like soldier ants, there'd be tranquility, unity and trust

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Find and use your knowledge
Even if you don't go to college,
Or you may go to become a judge
If you can't resist the urge.
Knowledge brings you confidence to go anywhere and lodge
But foremost, learn not to be a drudge.
It could make you a contractor to build a bridge
And also provide you some moolah to buy a fridge,
Not knowledgeable, not get a word in edge
And would make you want to take revenge.
In wisdom, you can incline to indulge
So that more achievements can surge.
Darling! out of ignorance, you can diverge
So please, find knowledge and be useful to the world at large

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Lateefatallah Suleiman Popularity

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