Latha Prem Sakhya Poems

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New Nest

Dewy eyed, dawn, twittering songsters
Eagerly awaiting the golden streaks
To lighten up the world
For the early worm to catch.

My Extended Family

He comes stealthily with the dawn
Settling down comfortably, his tiny feet astride
The thin branch of the nutmeg tree,
Eyes glued to the kitchen window,

Did I Tell You?

Did I tell you?
The moment I saw you
My heart missing a beat
Sank to the pit of my being

My Loves

I love
the golden sun, snaking through the yellow-green paddy fields;
I love
the flirting dragon flies skimming and dancing over pools,

On The Wings Of Time

Nestling down in an arm chair at moth hour
Reading a book; I slipped into a trance.
I saw my self out in search of a vague slippery thought
Journeying through the maze of caverns

The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman
She surfaced
Through the myriads of materialistic layers
Overpowering and taming the self

Airy Dreams

Love- beautiful, idyllic, a lily, in purity.
But when tainted with lust-
The airy dreams attaining shapes,
Shatters the lovers.

Soul Mate

We sailed down the river of fancy
Just the two of us in a tiny boat.
Charmed by the murmuring ripples,
The whispering wind and the fairy landscape;


The mother root of love
Has gone deep with in.
Uprooting this tree of love
May leave tiny rootlets

Strange Love

I am running away from my sun
Burrowing deep into the coolness of my soul
An earthworm in search of moisture and solace
From the arid demands of strange love

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