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To The Woman My Husband Left Me For

You will probably think that these words are going to be poisonous and filled with phrases such as
“You deserve each other” and “I hope he cheats on you too.”
I admit, I did consider penning a hateful letter;
I could have posted it through your letter box among with a pack of maggots, if I wanted to.
But it is said that great poets write from the heart…
So I hope that he treats you like the Princess every woman wants to be treated like
And that he holds you close when you cry.
I hope he lets you pick the movie sometimes
And that he doesn’t stay fixed on the TV screen ...

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Chemotherapy Kisses

We could never just be average teenagers; worrying about high school and deadlines
No, instead we had to worry about whether or not we would be alive the next day
Our relationship could never be normal
We never got to have a candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant or any of the other romantic things a girl dreams of doing with her first love
And instead of sneaking into my bedroom at night, you snuck into my hospital room

The very first time we kissed,
I ended up falling asleep because

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