Laurence Hope Poems

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The Teak Forest

Whether I loved you who shall say?
Whether I drifted down your way
In the endless River of Chance and Change,
And you woke the strange


Who does not feel desire unending
To solace through his daily strife,
With some mysterious Mental Blending,
The hungry loneliness of life?

In The Early, Pearly Morning

Song by Valgovind

The fields are full of Poppies, and the skies are very blue,
By the Temple in the coppice, I wait, Beloved, for you.


Do you ever think of me? you who died
Ere our Youth's first fervour chilled,
With your soft eyes and your pulses stilled

When Love Is Over

Song of Khan Zada

Only in August my heart was aflame,
Catching the scent of your Wind-stirred hair,

Till I Wake

When I am dying, lean over me tenderly, softly,
Stoop, as the yellow roses droop in the wind from the South.

Two Songs By Sitara, Of Kashmir

Beloved! your hair was golden
As tender tints of sunrise,
As corn beside the River

The Jungle Flower

Ah, the cool silence of the shaded hours,
The scent and colour of the jungle flowers!

Dedication To Malcolm Nicolson

I, who of lighter love wrote many a verse,
Made public never words inspired by thee,
Lest strangers' lips should carelessly rehearse


Give me your self one hour; I do not crave
For any love, or even thought, of me.
Come, as a Sultan may caress a slave