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Love Musings -1
(single sentence poems)
It is for you, I come as a dragon fly in the sky!
Thousands of welcomes and thousands thanks at your glance.

I love you my dear Though you are away from me I love you still
I know you are in silence Days, months, years together you are away from me How could I forget One day you said in my ears ' I Love You' It is enough for me my dear It is ringing in my heart with rythemic music A sweet kiss you have given to me How could I forget? Is it a dream or real How could I feel this life You are in silence I am waiting for you The ego in us stopping us to meet or to speak each other How could we live in this life Pretending like unknown persons May be it is easy for you but I could not bear it I know, my life is an an open book. I don't bother about this society What it had given to us Only sorrow! So, Shun it this blody society And come with me my dear I

Keerthi is a beautiful girl Keerthi is an intelligent matured girl So, to get that beautiful intelligent girl
I waited for eighteen long years But I couldn't get her
Then I thought, Keerthi is a fickle minded girl She doen't know whom she has to love and do friendship She gives her love and friendship to unknown, unworthy persons So I gave up the desire of her from my heart Now the heart is full of contentment! The strength, fame and glory Now I have only with my Pen! Though, a little hope for me! Any day,
Keerthi would come and knock my door by impressed my Pen Really! I could not forget, How beautiful Keerthi is! * ' Keerthi ' means name and fame.


What do you want?


Light is the knowledge
Light is the goodness
Light is the beauty of life. With out light no growth in life.
Light is the vitality of life

Identity is very very important
You would like to be recognised as a piece of iron
You would like to be recognised as a piece of brass
You would like to be recognised as a piece copper


Love is the immortal moment That You and me got at first sight Perhaps your sight blooms in my mind and becomes poetry That is love Sitting on the river bank in the evening, The beautiful scenery of the western hills, I see you there Even if a million voices say no, my heart yearns for you! That's love! Love is a long journey in the sea of ​​life, you are traveling towards me and I am traveling towards you.

We were there on the banks of river Mahanadi at Cuttack On the Kartheeka pournima full moon day. Nagendra and I planned to visit Cuttack from Bhubaneswar To have a holy bath in the river Mahanadi We reached Cuttack Badambari bus stand within an hour We took an auto to Bali Jatara near the Mahanadi Jathara, a festival, huge public, devotees. On the Banks of Mahanadi at the temple site Orisaa handicrafts were present all along the way Thousands of people taking holy bath in Mahanadi We too also took holy bath in the river Total festive season Artists are presenting Orissa's culture and tradition through songs and dance on the stage We've spent two hours there and have the temple darshan also Nagendra snapped hundreds of photos with camera We are thousand Kilo meters away from our native place But we have felt that we are at our home town. (In memories of Mahanadi Cuttack on 28-11-2012)

Cuttack the place where the river Mahanadhi flows
And where the great poet Jayanta Mahapatra lives
I was in a plan to meet both
I came to Orissa- Bhubhaneswar to participate in a poetry festival

Affection and intimacy are inseparable
We have grown up for three years
We must be separated today
My friends surround me in an infinite bridge of friendship

When thinking of writing a poem This time I wanted to write about a person without sorrow. Buddha said only one thing! What is the cause of all the world's sorrows? Only desires! Is it true? Why this sorrow? You become Buddha, Bartruhari or Vemana. Give up everything, man! Is there anyone like that now? Money, Money, Money! Mine, mine, mine, What ash is left at the end! Unless You're enlightened sorrow will be forever When you are not an honest person When you are a corrupt person When you are a person of jealousy and envy When you do not seek the welfare of society How pure the life is like the breast milk of a living mother! How pure the life is like the tears of eyes After impurities are lost, Life becomes a diamond! One who knows the value of life in the face of difficulties, One who sees the life in an equal way Where would be the sorrow? The journey from sorrow to no sorrow life Means selfless life is the true path for man.


Fifty six years long back

When I was six years old

What they said silence is bliss!
To keep these words I would like to be in silence
Silence deep silence only gives the peace of mind
I disturbed and lost so many things for not maintaining the silence

Where ever I go
I sing the song of Telangaana
Right from the centuries and decades
Here it is sorrow and struggle

Laxminarayana Sabbani Biography

Dr. Sabbani Laxminarayana is a retired Junior Lecturer in English at Karimnagar (Telangana) with a more than three decade long academic career in School and Intermediate education. He is an author of many literary works in Telugu which are more than fifty in number and he has nearly forty published books to his credit in different genres: Poetry, story, novel, essay, drama, literary criticism, review, biography, parody, elegy. He writes in Telugu, Hindi and English. He translated some works from Telugu into English and Hindi and from English, Hindi into Telugu. In recognition of his three decade academic career and four decade literary services he received many awards and honours at both Telugu States Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and also at national level. He is the recepient of the Best Teacher Award from Govt.of A.P. in 2013 and the prestigious P.S. Telugu University Award, Hyderabad for poetry in 2018.)

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Love Musings

Love Musings -1
(single sentence poems)
It is for you, I come as a dragon fly in the sky!
Thousands of welcomes and thousands thanks at your glance.
Whom am I? My address is in your heart!
Journey of despair and disappointments, I hope you'd meet me.
What time it may be, in your presence a new spring always!
Time has given me chance to meet you, what a great invitation!
Thou art like a golden deer in the lovely forest.
Looking at you, writing poetry memorizing the life!
Again a new beginning, a new spring in life!
I am in your memories, perhaps the same is the meditation!
How beautiful this night is! You are the crescent moon!

Love Musings (Single Sentence poems) -2

Clouds have disappeared, you are the full moon!

Beyond the memories, you are the Muses!

I could not catch you, you are the shadow of the moon!

You have met me with smile, jasmines blossomed in life!

Day and night in thoughts, your memory is fragrance!

I am sacrificing something for you, that is the greatness in life.

In the name of caste and religion they are fighting, they do not know the true love!

Experiencing the hardship is easy but enjoying life sometimes hard.

I'm in a journey for you, in the stream of time.

Time is melting like a burning candle, your memories giving me strength to go forth.

The ink of my pen is, perhaps your tears!

I pulled out all the memories but you're like a water spring!

Dark night, you are the bright star in the milky Way!

The faded memories born with new shoots, again a new spring!

Love Musings-3

You and I symbols of love and life time friends.

Your memories are like enjoyment of melodious breeze!

Crores of stars in the sky, you are there!

I saw in a mirror, wonder! You are in me!

In your words, pearls are shining!

Time will save the ruined lives also, life is a wonderful thing!

Like a bird you come and go in a hurry, why?

I love you really, it is a renewable treasure!

The mild rain and wind is pleasant like your mild looks!

Your beautiful eyes, Hi! romantic books.

Your smile, a glossy pink rose fragrance!

Your memory, a lifetime fragrance for me.

Your tears are the ink of my poetry, life is a tragedy!

Whatever I attain in life, what is the use, I have lost you.

Alone in the deep forest, I hear your voice in any direction.

Life is a deep struggle, only for you!

You are in the hands of time, I am in the hands of you.

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