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The night was windy and wet,
And the three thieves were as cold as can get.
They ran, desperate to escape the rain,
But they knew it was all in vain,

Oh, how I love the salty sea,
And if it were up to me,
I would stay there night and day,
While felling it's soft, sweet spray.

People should be more
Like the honeybees.
We should be
Hard-working and diligent,

Everything will eventually
Come to an end.
Whether a good book,
Or a funny movie,

Red, white, and blue
The colors of my country
All together they equal
The stars and stripes of

You remind me of a statue,
The kind that are found
In the middle of the town.
And knowing you, you'll take this

Seeing, hearing, smelling,
Tasting and touching.
If you had to select a sense to lose,
Which one would you choose?

You were my friend
Friends till the end
I would have trusted
You with my life

I'm no ordinary princess
I'm a different damsel in distress
My dazzling silk dress
Is now jeans and a T-shirt

Rain is the earths tears
Pouring down the sky
She mourns for all she is
What she was, what she will become

I looked up at the never ending sky
Feeling sad and depressed.
The sky above pale and boring,
A lone cloud blocking out the sun.

Here I am, running far,
Running under sun and star.
I flee in desperate fear,
Knowing an army marches near.

Lightning, Thunder,
Flashing, Howling, Whipping,
Dark, Wet, Rain, Clouds.

What is life?
What is our purpose here?
What is MY purpose for?
How can I, one person, possibly make a difference?

I look around the world,
But this is not my home
I look around my room,
But this is not who I am

You glided into my life
As gentle as a dove
You pecked softly at my soul
And together we flew into the sky

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Frozen Wishes

The night was windy and wet,
And the three thieves were as cold as can get.
They ran, desperate to escape the rain,
But they knew it was all in vain,
Until they saw the seaside cave,
Where they sought the dryness that it gave.

In the cave they huddled together,
Glad to be out of the stormy weather.
Still sopping wet and chilled to the bone,
One pulled the heavy pouch with a groan.
The pouch was simple, plain, and slightly damp,
And when opened revealed an old brass lamp.

Together they pulled it out, as if on cue,
And held it in their hands, now turning blue,
And began to polish and clean,
Until it shone as bright as it had ever been.
Out the lamp, smoke started to pour,
Forming a figure floating above the floor...

The figure floated eerily in the air,
His head topped with a turban, covering his hair,
Though he looked like a man, the thieves knew he was not,
For he was a genie of a lamp they sought.
He was quiet for a moment before bending low,
And he started to speak deliberately slow,

'I am a great and powerful genie!
I thank you for setting me free.
I guess you want a wish from me,
And since you number three,
You each may wish for one thing you adore,
But after, our acquaintance will be no more! '

The three freezing men nodded at what they heard,
And the greediest of them stepped forward,
He took a deep breath through his purple face,
And said his wish with a great haste,
'I wish I had a hundred pounds of gold! '
The genie granted the wish he was told.

The gold bars appeared out of no where,
And for a moment no one moved a hair.
The second man, not wanting to be surpassed,
Said his frigid wish quick and fast,
'I wish to be the richest man existing! '
The genie sadly granted the mans wishing.

Just as before,
Riches appeared instantly on the floor.
Now, the last man, was more clever than the others,
So, with gold and riches he did not bother.
When he spoke, out frosted breath billowed,
'I wish that I was warm and dryly clothed! '

Immediately he fell asleep, wrapped in warm fur,
The other two men stared at each other with murder.
They both wanted the other mans wish,
Whether it was the gold or the riches.
They lunged at each other with hate in their eyes,
Both of them wanting the other to die.

The last man woke,
Long after dawn broke,
And he saw to his surprise,
Frozen at each others throats, were his two allies.
He shook his head in pity,
Of how the could they be full of so much stupidity.

The last man turned to see,
The genie still floating silently,
The last man pocketed some precious gems,
Then the two of them left the cave of the condemned,
Outside it was a bright, beautiful day,
The two nodded, before going their separate ways.

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Shekhar Joshi 14 May 2009

i don't really know her. but her poems are surely wonderful. She will surely come very very good in future. all the best U and ur poetry ROXZZ

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