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Delmas 42;
Near the dump down the road
Or is it ‘dumps' since it is
Split by a road?

Lo behold!
Virtuous and divine hands
Carved and forged dust and sand
A body and soul came to be


‘Tick, tock'
Every second ahead is a mystery.
A thriller,
A chance for change-

Aren't you so kind?
Aren't you so nice?
For commenting on others
And giving your ‘honest' opinions,


Only it can surpass the depth of the sea.
Verily I say, the music of the ocean
Endlessly fails against the heart's melody.

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Words are powerful; they can either make you or break you. Alongside our Lord, I know that every poet out there -including myself- will get the opportunity to voice their every feeling and make them known; and it starts here.)

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After 2010: A Mourning In Delmas

Delmas 42;
Near the dump down the road
Or is it ‘dumps' since it is
Split by a road?

I, not too long landed home
Leaving untouched assignments
At my house,
But in 30 seconds that thought
Was long gone as much as a hundred thousand.

Driving through the familiar
Yet so unfamiliar road;
For this place had
A medical surgery
Which left it beyond recognition,
But you'd think that
After five years this place
Would look less like a campsite?

After six years,
Reuniting again
To send another one off.
After five years of agony
The job was completely done;
Such a bittersweet moment.

On that Wednesday,
Mommy was insupportable.
I wondered how it felt
To lose my mum?

It is funny how I didn't
Truly understand anything
Yet my heart was drowning;
Such a mockery.
For I don't have rather
Don't wish to have
The experience gained
On that Tuesday.

Left the building,
Up St Antoine.
Dirty hands
And me, in my thoughts,
‘Another one gone'.

Lea- Beima Dorestin

Type of Poem: Lament/Dirge

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Lea- Beima Dorestin 25 October 2017

Thank you fellow writer Hebert and I won't give up. You do the same also😊

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Hebert Logerie Sr. 23 October 2017

Keep on using those powerful words. Words can be sweet, nice, mean and deadly. Do not give up.

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