Leah Browning

Rookie (1973- / New Mexico)

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The Patchwork Poem

Skin scrubbed clean and glowing
after a shower, the scent of shampoo.

Lying in bed on a winter morning
with the baby asleep between us.

Our fingers pressed together
in the dark of a movie theater.

The sound of laughter. Always,
the sound of laughter.

Walking downtown
and back home again.

Night by the river.
What you said, what I said.

I’ll bind these things together,
trim the loose threads, work until

the separate pieces
form one piece—skin-soft,

yet durable, too, because
I mean it to last you ...

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First Summer

The kite was a free gift
from the insurance company:
a flimsy plastic cut-out of Snoopy
with a complicated network of strings
on the back. We had to wait
until after work, ten o’clock, to take it
outside. Hushed, we stood on the narrow plot
of grass in front of the apartment and let it go,
bobbing in the wind. This was before

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