Leaking Pen Poems

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Grandma's Cookie Jar

I wish I could make you laugh, do you remember
When children purposely let go of a fart?
They giggled like the world had no end.
Laughter free from guilt; pure and innocent,


The stage is set
The risers placed
Rehearsals done
Butterflies should be in bed.

I Love You Jane Eyre

I let go of you
My Jane Eyre
I am a blind man
In love with you

Hip Hop Trajectory

I’m chilling I’m cussing
Not knowing what I’m saying
My soul rapping
My mind cranking

Hope Is A Thing Of Inner Beauty

When I open my overcrowded closet
What do I see? But every stamped deposit
From a broken heart on one shelf
To a worn out mind, reminder of my old self

Fallen Leaves

Hope is the dream of fallen leaves
Tornadic winds snaps the buds of May
To witness the last hour of my breath
Spring love gives up its tender soul.

We Are Flowers Of The Sky

We are flowers of the sky
Of many different colors
Under the Sun we fly high
As gentle loving brothers

Kindness Of Our Kind

My poems are not made from silver threads
Or golden hues from a summer's day
My poems instead are blood of my heart
Each beat gets me closer to curtain close.

Stuck On Depression's Call

I have not slept much lately
Shrouded myself in the silence of running despair
Seeking God for answers
For I have been not quite right

Fire And Ice, My Ice Is On Fire

Like a winning throw of the dice
Spenser and Frost melt my ice.

And from their poetic device I find advice

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