Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Leaving Poems

Leaving It All

One man was yielding knife
He wanted to kill another with life
The man was asking to spare
The situation seemed very rare

Leaving A Home

I made poetry sites as a happy home
But no enthusiasm from members to welcome
Just scant respect and no worry if some one goes or come
Only attachment to particular persons or some

Leaving Behind Family

Very hard decision

Love has to be appreciated
And stated

Leaving Behind And

Leaving behind and
Monday, November 25,2019
1: 50 PM

Leaving Behind Me

Leaving behind me
Wednesday,7th April 2021

With half-opened eyes

Leaving Behind

The water has moved away leaving behind sand
Total dry belt as if deserted by loving friend
Soon the sky may be lit up with sun shine
There may be complete transformation to make it fine

Leaving Behind For

Leaving behind for
Sunday,22nd September 2019

take a clue

I Am Leaving

If you are leaving world
It is nice and good
As you are not allowed
Since the message of God is not properly followed

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