Lee Gelis

Lee Gelis Poems

1. Warm Blankets 3/28/2013
2. Paradox Plug In 3/28/2013
3. History, Time, And Tango 3/30/2013
4. Mostly 4/30/2013
5. He Sits Alone 5/3/2013
6. We'Re All Just Humans Nonetheless 5/23/2013
7. Endeavor (Childhood) 6/9/2013
8. Middle School Soup 9/7/2013
9. Oh Yes, Bukowski 10/22/2013
10. Throwing Stones In An Empty Field 11/6/2013
11. Don'T Forget About Me 11/18/2013
12. Red Rum Runs Red 1/16/2014
13. Walking 1/24/2014
14. Instructions For A Portrait 1/24/2014
15. If All The World Were Lost 3/14/2014
16. When 3/27/2013
17. My Hands Are Not Red 3/27/2013
18. Tell Me About It 3/28/2013
19. Slide 3/28/2013
20. There Is Such A Thing As Beauty, I Think 3/28/2013
21. The Spartans Of All Speed 3/28/2013
22. If I Had A Heart 8/25/2014
23. Being 8/25/2014
24. As Stories Go 8/27/2014
25. Remember When You Thought You Were Special 9/28/2014
26. A Step Between 4/29/2015
27. Grade School Ethics 10/7/2014
28. Left Lonely 3/11/2015
29. L'Appel Du Vide 3/27/2013
30. Life Is Like A Game Of Trivial Pursuit 3/28/2013
31. The People, Just People 3/27/2013
32. There Is No Living Creature As Foul As I 3/14/2014
33. Happiness 3/14/2014
34. I'Ve Written This Before 3/28/2013
35. If I Had A Voice 8/27/2014

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Best Poem of Lee Gelis

If I Had A Voice

If I had a voice then I would tell you,
Tell you that I loved you, that I cared,
That even I, the most silent of faces,
Knew of your deepest perils and dooms.
I would tell you about my adventures,
About my poetry and nightlife, about
The many evils that face me in daylight,
About morse code and Mencken,
The differences between a hatchet,
An axe, and a halberd, about the way
The birds fly when I walk near, and how
They do so when you've been sitting
For a very long time, I'd tell you about
What it's like getting older and watching
Others do the...

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Tell Me About It

I don’t write poems when I’m happy,
I guess there’s really no thrust,
I don’t like people most of the time,
But sometimes I like them, but just.
I don’t always try to be perfect,
I dislike being at the top,
But I like hanging out in the shadows,
As long as I’m not the prop.
Sometimes there’s good and there’s bad,

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