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Suicide Note No.3

' I can feel the soft rain on my face...'

A thousand tears swept from gray skies
thundering it's little droplets against the

Take A Picture

Just a picture, could mean a couple words,
But the one I hold dearly close to my heart,
Means more to me than anything else,
This photograph, you I love in black and white.

Old Man Blue

Old man blue, sat nearby watching the ocean
tumble over and over washing away the shore
of time.

The Bleeding Canvas

Strokes of red line the crevices,
The scars glisten under the limelight,
This pale body becomes the canvas,
The brush becomes my razor.

A Raindropp For You

Can you smell the rain, crescending
Little drops beaded on your face,
Though I see differently with my own eyes,
A twinkling jewel under gray skies,

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I'm a 21 year old poet/prose writer varied the many genres of english literature. Been writing since I was 16, and have composed over 400+ poems.

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