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Heart Retuned

Use to hear happy laughter of children at play
Must someone's love went sour and drove them away
Wonder what their life was when they were a child
Could it been one very haphazard and truly wild Must go where a child is to have my heart retuned

Perishable Things

So many chase after so many perishable things
That cause strife and many heartaches
But first we should seek the kingdom of God

A Mother

A mother is one that thinks of others' needs
For she will look for and do kind deeds
She not only loves her own, also others
Thank God for them, no matter whose mother She will take daily life as it comes along

Class In Session

As I got my coffee and doughnut one day
Noticed in another room class was under way
Although could not hear what was in session
As I listened to questions after questions You see grandma was the instructor of class

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