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Mixed were our passions
When we so simultaneously met
It was as if we were meant
Like beige and silk for fashions

I see you stranger
Pique runs through your tears
Might have had a couple of beers
‘Cause your soul’s in danger


I remember those young days
When I used to love the breeze
Or when I was amazed
Due to curiosity

The rain swells the streets with its horrid tears
It drowns us in sadness with its thin trickles of water
Oh, how I wish it was hotter
How I wish you were near

I recollect those days
As the sun’s rays were haemorrhaging with rage
Our friendship was aging
I came through that stage

Drunk from the wine of day
And from the sorrows of tomorrow
I haven’t found the right words to say
Or the form of courage I may borrow


Numb, from head to toe
Engorged by the electric flow


The coroner passed me the shovel
In the dark draped mirrors
The trees were raped by the winds
Tangle and dwindle my already shaken mind

Bright, young dreams, flourished in the blossom
An old and beautiful orchard its mother
Ideas smother into form, the motherly tree stained by splotches of her lucid dream

How can you deny
My humble wish to fly?
Beyond all matter and resolve
Above all beings and their norm

Asylums of light shift the shade of perception
Sky shines blue with silhouettes
Grinding the leaves of misconception
Burning the papers of copious regrets

What happened to my feathers?
I’m chained, torn in fetters
Once again, that wish denied
My humble wish to fly

You love the smell of fresh paint on your mirror
To release you from this hell
The line is the white saint that makes life clearer

When I look at blue, innocent skies
I can’t help but think of your dilated eyes
Or when I see a couple that lovingly embrace
All I think of is your luminescent face

What amazement I suffer!
When looking at your peaks,
The sun winks at me
With half knitted, weary eyes

How can I pacify?
The wicked war within me
I am cruel, void, and timid
And all of these vices

His soul rested
The slings and arrows of misfortune
Have laid it to rest
All his powers invested

Have you ever wanted to know what life is?
And from all the roads you take
All the days you pass in bliss
Is it all a mistake?

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'If you lost you're faith in love and music, oh the end won't be long' - The Good Old Days, by The Libertines)

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Mark Antony

Mixed were our passions
When we so simultaneously met
It was as if we were meant
Like beige and silk for fashions
I pray you were sent
From heaven as a gift
A gift, which I have yet to unfold

Happy were the days when we shared our dreams
Hopeful were the years when we ripened
That our friendship would only be heightened
Those were our only dreams

Sad were the days when you left me
Over the land and across the sea
Where were you Mark Antony?
When they pulled the dagger in.

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