Lesbia Harford Poems

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A Lady And I Were Walking

A lady and I were walking
Where waters flow;
A lady and I were talking
Softly and slow.

A Meaning Learnt

I'm not his wife. I am his paramour:
His wayside love, picked up in journeying:
Rose of the hedgerows; fragrant, till he fling

Child Sun

Child Sun
Why will you play Peep Bo
Now in, now out
The workroom window so?

A Bunch Of Lilac And A Storm Of Hail

A bunch of lilac and a storm of hail
On the same afternoon! Indeed I know
Here in the South it always happens so,

A Prayer To Saint Rosa

When I am so worn out I cannot sleep
And yet I know I have to work next day

Three Teachers

Sometimes I can see
When I teach
Half my children talk
Each to each.

After Rain

I'd like to be a nun
And go and say
My rosary beneath the trees out there.

A Deity

Sometimes I think God has his days
For being friends.
He says: 'Forgive my careless ways.
No one pretends

Beauty And Terror

Beauty does not walk through lovely days.
Beauty walks with horror in her hair.
Down long centuries of pleasant ways

A Strike Rhyme

The strike's done.
The men won.
The ships sail the sea
To bring back

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