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Our love is like a drug and i'm so
No matter what,
i can't even be helped by rehab,

She greets you with a smile,
Out of sight she waves from a mile,
Love fills her cute brown eyes,
But shuts them so quick,

Am i going to be alone again?
Am i going to be without a girlfriend,
Am i going to miss out on love?
Is this going happen one more time?

Somebody wanted my love,
She begged and even pleading,
She was even crying,
But i couldn't give it her,

I'm trying my best,
You are unique,
Not like the rest,
You are special to my heart,

Sorrow, heartache and pain,
why did we get seperated?
Darkness fills my heart as i sit and wonder why,
how could this be right and true,

Looking and searching,
I've been always trying to find,
Found fake and those who were never meant to be,
Passer by's, the ones who were there only to prove that love/life hurts.

Made a mistake,
Now i feel i'm loosing my mate,
I made a mistake,
I put everythng at stake.

I write this one with sadness in my heart,
A frowning face,
A bleeding heart,
I write this one with a broken heart.

I took a pen and a piece of a page,
Trying to describe and write down
my pain,
But this pen wasn't fast enough,


Still i rise to fame,
trying to escape the pain that i've
Hold my head high trying to forget

Its not only from my mind,
But also from my heart,
Its not only what i thought,
But its also what i felt,

I took it as a joke,
But now i'm dying slow,
One day at a time,
Looking at my life walking out that door,

Through the storm and challenges of the earth,
Through the rain and flooded roads of success,
I will make it.

You touched so many people's lives,
To us your smile brought a new light,
You were so much in your short life.

There is no mercy in its name,
Its called Aids,
You may underestimate,
Call it American Ideas of Destroying Sex,

Do u think of me
As much as i do?
Am i the 1st thing on your mind in the morning,
And the last in the evening?

How did i fall for you,
When did i become so stupid,
So dumb not to even see,
What your so called love does to me.

Another day,
Another way,
Another you and me,

When your hands cant hold on any longer,
When your heart has had enough to bear,
When your cheeks have a railway of a tear.

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Born: SEPTEMBER 14 1993 Lesego Godfrey Tsiu is a South African Young Poet and also writes short stories. Born in Bothaville Kgotsong, Free State, South Africa, started writting in 2004, At the age of 11, He also started writting songs. He writes poems, Motivational Messages, Short-Stories and Novels, Lesego is multi-talented, He is a Dancer, Actor, singer, songwritter, and a poet.)

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Drunk In Love

Our love is like a drug and i'm so
No matter what,
i can't even be helped by rehab,
Everytime with her it gets me
when i'm not with her i get drunk
from a distance.
Just thinking about her gets me
The amount of love we share is
not by those sober Minded,
She's mine, I'm Her's and we never
forget that,
Drunk in love Yes me and Her.
I gave up my all,
I'm a drunkard of love,
I stumble and fall,
I'm so drunk in Love.
Her cute smile though,
Makes me get drunk more,
I dont get a black out though,
Love is a good drug you know!
Keeps me drunk a lifetime long.
This love is like weed,
Keeps me high and off my feet,
I'm so drunk by just this feelings,
And Red Hearts is all I see,
I'm not blind,
But i'm drunk in love with you.
All night long,
We'd be singing the same song,
Its hard to let go and sober up
'cause i know,
I might lose your love if i do,
I'd rather stay drunk,
'cause i'm drunk in love with you

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