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Anger threatens to steal me away
My soul burns with fire, my sanity strays
My heart beats faster, one single beat
My face reddens sudden from the intense heat

A friend was all I wanted
Was all I waited for
A friend to back me up
After everyone walked out the door

There's only five minutes left
Until the end
And I just can't say good-bye

I stand there right before you
My eyes so close to tears
I don't know where to turn to
I feel far though you are near

Your light shines on when the stars don't anymore
Your heart sings when the orchestra don't roar
Your eyes dance; a glimmering of strength
When the world's dancers can't compete to any length

It's not obsession
Don't you see?
It's something more that comes from me
Not obsession

Pictures capture memories that play before my eyes
Behind them hide the stories of hurt, love, death, and lies
A scene captured forever
Everything frozen in place

A vast never-ending expanse of pink and blue
With-holding baffling wonders of which mere humans have no clue
Beyond that, in the darkness, hovers the sweet light
The sun governing the mornings,

I feel for you feelings oh, so strong
I do not know how to explain
Just thinking about you gives me shelter
In the pouring rain


Life is full of choices to make
Choose wisely; it is not something you can merely retake
Fuse your heart and your mind into one
Don't regret the decisions you've already done

You leave me so breathless
At night I can't sleep
My days are restless
My soul, it weeps

I can't say goodbye
I can't leave you sitting there all alone
Will I really miss you? Am I being selfish?
Do I not want to be on my own?

My heart is set on you
I wish that time wouldn't pass
I'm afraid my love's untrue
And our hearts will break at last

Tonight I'll sit alone in a closed field
Where the stars can fall freely
And where my heart can yield
I'll forget all the things I can

Can you look me in the eyes
And tell me it is not true?
That we're drifting away slowly...
We're losing what we had, me and you?

I'm living life in deep distress and need someone to elucidate
Why is it that I'm being held as prisoner?
Why is it that I'm forced to wait?
A fog weighs down on my head and a veil covers my eyes

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Anger threatens to steal me away
My soul burns with fire, my sanity strays
My heart beats faster, one single beat
My face reddens sudden from the intense heat
Anger came quickly
As quickly as can be
My thoughts think the worst just wanting to be free
It came so fast I can hardly remember
While my heart beats with rage and a sole burning ember
Anger fell upon me and tore me apart
My brain fries from the burn, from the hurt, from the start
I begin to wonder how much I can endure
As I ball up my hands struggling to gain composure
The storm swells up inside me and wears down everything like erosion
I know soon it will blow
Like a time bomb explosion
A giant volcano, about to blow up
The lava spilling over, ready to erupt
Anger reaches over to a boiling temperature
These feelings all too childish, irresponsible, immature
Anger threatens to take me away, my eyes now to blind
Everything seems red to me, the tint not all too kind
Anger spills out over, through every open space
Giving another memory, that never I can erase

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