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The moment we met you took hold of my thoughts
The moment we met you captured my dreams
You were the light of my life
The one I hoped to see

You’re my best friend
A sister to me
Yet words cant explain how much you really mean…
With you I am myself

Blinded by love,
Is this love?

Your voice leaves me speechless yet I want to hear more
Your thoughts bring hope to mine
Your dreams make me feel alive
You’re the addiction to my heart

Your kisses take my breath away
Make it hard for me to speak
Your smile just makes my day
It is only your love I seek


Life is amazing
It’s a mystery to me
It seems as if a daze
Or just another dream…

Can love..
be a game in which cupid plays with your feelings and toys with your mind...
How do i know what it feels to be in love
i feel like its love

I only admire you from afar
Dont have the courage to express how i feel
Just here deep in my thoughts wondering about you, love so real
My heart skips a beat each time you turn and look at me

At times it feels as if i was born to love you
Thats how i know my feelings are true

I hear your voice and i love that your speaking to me

Darkness surrounds what I once knew
Mind filled with thoughts of you
Broken heart shapes cover the floor
Sealed shut is my heart’s door

When i see you i get happy,
yet we just greet each other,
your huggs feel so warm yet thats as far as we go
I wish i could see you the way i see you

Wipe your tears
Theres no more to fear
Your heart if broken
But to you God has spoken

Walls closing in on me
Can't seem to catch my breath
Love, too far to reach
Dreams, impossible to fulfill

I am...
But a helpless romantic
in search of true love in this world.
But a lost soul

Even through the darkest of nights,
your smile is what leads the way,
Your voice as sweet as a bird's meoldy,
has the affect on my heart to sway,

Your confusing, stubborn, and negative...
Yet time and time I fall again.
You upset me and make feel like an idiot...
Yet you I can't get out of my head.

I don't know what to feel and i don't know what im feeling,
Living life, thinking I would rather be dreaming.
In need of someone to love,
Yet Cupid never seems to shove.

At the sight of you, all I feel is pain and tears
And the sound of your voice just brings me fear
Fear to end up with a broken heart
Fear that my world, yet again, will fall apart

Three Little Words
These three words you have heard, experienced and said
And these same three words have once been said to you
When you hear these words coming in your direction

I want to runaway
Just leave and be with you
That will be the happiest day
Cause then my dream came true

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The Moment We Met

The moment we met you took hold of my thoughts
The moment we met you captured my dreams
You were the light of my life
The one I hoped to see

Butterflies would create each time I saw you
And each time we spoke I longed to see your expression
This is how I know my feelings for you were true
I then knew you had to know my confession

Confess that you were my love
My thoughts
My light
My dreams

Your reply left me speechless
I knew not what to do
You then asked..
Do you love me too? ? ?


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