Lewis Eron

Rookie - 20 Points (July 26,1951 / Englewood, NJ)

Lewis Eron Poems

1. Every Breath Is A Prayer - Nishmat Kol Chai 2/12/2006
2. Forgotten Prayers - Sonnet 5/4/2006
3. George, Lou, Morrie And Sam - Sonnet 5/4/2006
4. To B.I. - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
5. Wonder Rabbi - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
6. Mother Sarah - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
7. To I.S., Now In A Nursing Home - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
8. To H.R., Now Resident In A Nursing Home - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
9. The Song Of Freedom - A Prayer Reflection On Mee Kamocha 1/31/2007
10. All Torah’s Paths Are Paths Of Peace - Prayer Reflection 6/11/2007
11. Theodicy 9/9/2007
12. Angel Vision 20/200 11/2/2007
13. A Box Of Chanukah Lights 11/13/2007
14. Small Wonders 5/30/2008
15. Your Bubbe Rochel Is Cared For In The Home 6/17/2008
16. Counting Blessings 8/2/2008
17. The Day Of Judgement 8/15/2008
18. Eulogy For Will, Just A Week Short Of 18 8/15/2008
19. Mattathias Of Modim - A Poem For Hanukah 12/23/2008
20. Death Is No Mere Farm Hand 7/20/2009
21. Dedicating The New Icu At Cooper University Hospital 7/20/2009
22. Dickie’s Dead 5/10/2010
23. Shalom Aleichem, Malalchei Ha Shalom - Peace To The Angels Of Peace - A Sonnet 5/4/2006
24. The One Who Renews Creation Every Day - Prayer Reflection 5/4/2006
25. Like A Darting Deer - Prayer Reflection 5/4/2006
26. Everning Prayer 5/4/2006
27. Final Confession In The Ccu 6/22/2006
28. The One Who Without Failing Renews Creation Daily - Prayer Reflection 5/4/2006
29. Rosh Hashanah 5771 9/3/2010
30. Angels Don'T Die 9/12/2010
31. Burying Grandma On A Very Cold Morning 9/19/2007
32. Thanksgiving Prayer 11/16/2007
33. Memorial Day Memories 2011 5/30/2011
34. Marking Lines – Havdalah Reflection 11/4/2011
35. Fat Angels Sing Soprano 2/29/2012
36. In Death's Presence - Ruchama Will Always Be Three 3/11/2012
37. Vidui (Final Confesional Prayer) For A Bride (50 Years Married And 10 A Widow) 3/13/2012
38. The Birthday Of The World - Meditation For Rosh Hashanah 9/5/2012
39. Death And My Cell Phone 4/12/2013
40. Princess Shabbat - Revealed 6/11/2013

Comments about Lewis Eron

  • Kee Thampi (9/11/2007 12:37:00 AM)

    A real talent poet makes scribble, it may a golden verse..... This man reallly
    worth to say... a inclined one. see what he writes...
    When the sun is swallowed by the moon
    And nature plays a snazzy new tune
    In the time of the birth
    Of a brand new heaven
    And a renewed earth

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Best Poem of Lewis Eron

Lighting A Memorial Candle For One Of The Six Million

Even if I could light six million lights
I could not rekindle your light
And your’s was only one
Not one in a million
But one of six million
Snuffed out, blown out, crushed out

“Let there be light” and the world was full of light
And your light brought light to your world
Your home
Your family
Your street
Your town
Each year
Until the darkness came
And put out all the lights.

So now I stand
Match in hand
To light a light
Not your light for you
But your light for me
To brighten my world
My home
My ...

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To B.I. - A Sonnet

The Nazis entered Vienna before you thought to leave
Welcomed by many, no doubt, so you sought new lodgings not far
Away in closets, barns and tunnels after you won the yellow star
To mark your race and creed and lead you to deceive
Yourself that in spite of all you could believe
In the messiah’s coming as if he were waiting in a bar
In Rome or Tel Aviv or Ann Arbor
Or in your New York studio shaping the forms of Adam and Eve

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