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1. Until The World Ends 11/24/2011
2. He Was Mine 11/27/2011
3. That One True Love 12/7/2011
4. When I’m With You 12/9/2011
5. Love Me Again 12/20/2011
6. A World 1/7/2012
7. Such Leaves 1/7/2012
8. Snow Is Not Falling 1/7/2012
9. My Pirate 1/7/2012
10. He Will Find Me 1/7/2012
11. My Sailor Boy 1/7/2012
12. Dreams Of A Past Life 1/9/2012
13. In A Timeless Place 1/9/2012
14. He Went To Fight 1/9/2012
15. Love An Everlasting Game 1/14/2012
16. Someday 11/10/2011
17. Why Do They Laugh 11/10/2011
18. Voices 11/11/2011
19. The Veterans 11/11/2011
20. Friends 11/12/2011
21. Not One Tear 1/25/2012
22. Love Me As If A Flower 1/25/2012
23. You Said It First 2/6/2012
24. Have You Ever Heard Of A Kitten 2/25/2012
25. Black And White 2/25/2012
26. Pastures So Strange 2/25/2012
27. My Life I Will Decide 2/25/2012
28. Why Don'T You Choose 3/20/2012
29. Love Is Shown A Different Way 4/3/2012
30. Those Who Care 11/12/2011
31. Why Is It Hard 11/12/2011
32. Forever In Love 11/15/2011
33. I Miss You Near 5/11/2013
34. Another Day 9/29/2013
35. Please Just Stop This 10/18/2013
36. I Will Get Out Of My Hole 10/23/2013
37. That One Person 10/24/2013
38. When Is My Turn 12/21/2013
39. You Just Dont Hear 12/21/2013
40. I Found It 5/11/2013

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Live With Laughter

</>So much time passess
We have moments of saddness
At other times it seems like,
we are just passed depressed
One thing will keep us together

Its the sound of joy
Laughter from a little kid
The sound of there high pitch laughter
The laughter at every new thing they see

Laughter makes our day better
Laughter makes our life worth living
Nothing can make you feel better rather than laughter
So make someone laugh
make yourself laugh
and live life with laughter

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Why Do They Laugh

</>Why do they laugh
They will not tell me why
I wish to know
They make me feel small
They make me feel alone
Why do they laugh
Its all to much
None of them listen
I scream and no one turns or looks
I wish they would
No one cares about me
Or how i feel
I feel so lost
One day they will see me

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