Lia Padena Poems

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The One Who Does Not Deny Himself

they were guilty for acting against the will of the stars
they were guilty because they were trying to trick the stars
the spirit of nature was not alone
he was not without them without defense

Against The Stars

the witch of the lady virus imagines ugly things
like that girl
the one loved by the sun
is her slave

The Jungle Cried Again

the jungle was tired
so she invented the eagles
from her eye, which had followed too many beasts of all kinds
she cried freely

In The Sand

the heat was beating your brain
and the back
because you stood with your back to the sun
and with a thoughtful face

Without Knowing My Heart

they hit me with stones
as on
a crazy woman
  that defends his heart


how many steps had to be taken today
between their own stars
and the love she had planned to make
if it wasn't for weakness

Not To Be Your Slaver

he was no wetter than she was
and she was no more than he
no less
not enough

As A Seed In Time

they couldn't laugh as much as they wanted as if they were hyenas
I must not let myself be destroyed by anyone's behavior
this matter will be shaped to the end
to learn how to do it

They Said It Was Placebo

she narrowed her eyes and she whispered like the wind through the rocks
in the fall
her elbow pain began to sow
with the pain of the branches of the trees cooled too suddenly

When They Thought It Was All Over

when she thought it was all over
as hope for better
then she fell into the caries of time
little alchemical gold

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