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1. In A Dark Corner 3/4/2010
2. Yewr Lies 3/4/2010
3. Autumn Time 3/4/2010
4. Silence, Emptiness And Confusion 3/5/2010
5. Darkness 3/5/2010
6. Watching Meh Burn 3/5/2010
7. Am I Alone 3/5/2010
8. Walking Suicide 3/5/2010
9. Blind 3/5/2010
10. Hold Meh Close 3/5/2010
11. Depwession 3/5/2010
12. Suicide...2 3/5/2010
13. It Won'T Be Long 3/5/2010
14. My Wrists 3/2/2010
15. Myh True Home 3/5/2010
16. Tears../2 3/5/2010
17. I Cry Black Tears 3/2/2010
18. Im Fading Away... 3/4/2010

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I Cry Black Tears

You love someone and they love you,
But when you need them the most,
They break your heart
Tearing it in 2.
They take no responsibility in what they have done,
For all is there fault.
You cry black tears,
And bleed blue blood
For you have no life.
Now you don’t have them,
They don’t understand the pain you feel,
Or the thoughts you’ve had.
They don’t understand anything about you.

They do not know you,
As well as you thought.
They didn’t know that you were emo
But emo for there heart.
The feeling of hate, is on the tip of your ...

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My Wrists

I'll draw a picture on my wrist
I'll draw a picture with a twist

I'll draw it with a razor blade
so deep that it'll never fade

when i look back at the scars
and think ov the blood i shed
i think ov all the memories in my head

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