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Ugly, Sad, Unhappy Girl

Starting To Feel Like Something.....

Away from you.
My first love.
I don't doubt you'll be my last.

Tricking Yourself Out Of Being Lonely

Lonely is the life they lead.
People are the things they see.
Destined to be in the city.
But left behind in the country.

I'M A Pretender

What we are is human.
We are no superheros with superpowers.
Some of us don't do much with our lives but we'd like to think we did.
We'd like to pretend that we made some huge impact on the world before we die

I Tell Myself

Tears tears down my face.
Gleam and shine so I pretend its a race.
Whichever one falls to the floor the fastest is the best. Just because it left.
Heart ache.

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