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1. Moment In Time(Just Somethin I Was Thinkin Bout) 4/16/2009
2. When Doors Are Closed 4/16/2009
3. What We Did(Nice And Slow) 5/2/2009
4. So Worng 5/2/2009
5. We Make Love 5/2/2009
6. Hair Puller 5/2/2009
7. The Last Time 7/11/2009
8. I Am 9/18/2009
9. In My Room 9/18/2009
10. The Love 6/20/2010
11. All Because Off You 3/14/2009
12. Now That You Hurt Me... 3/14/2009
13. My Black Wings(Hurt And Brockin) 3/16/2009
14. In The Shower 3/25/2009
15. When You Called Me Baiiface 3/13/2009
16. Lost Without You 3/13/2009
17. My Red Wing 3/25/2009
18. Love Me Like You Use To 3/14/2009

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Love Me Like You Use To

F*ck my life...No one cares anyway! ! ! You was the only one that could take the pain away.Now that your gone...What do i do? ! ? ! I cant cry anymore.The tears are all gone, LIKE YOU.I need you to come bak...Come hold me like you use to.I need o feel your body! ! ! I just need you back in my life...Come back and LOVE me like you use to! ! !

7th grade
(Bad Boy Own)

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All Because Off You

Gave you my all.what did you do with it? Brack it into two...Come fix it! ! ! Gave you my feelsin...what did you do with them? Play around and make me cry...Come make it all better.You just dont care.
Been put thro so mach pain.You said you would take it all away...But you never did.I want to hate you, but I cant.Want to let you go, but I just keep letin you come back.Is it how you love me inside and out.Is it that I want you to unbrack what you brock already.I reallt dont no...I no how bad you

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