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*attention! *

i wish that he could understand, and feel my pain.
im crying here for attention, not just making love.
i want him by my side to hold me, tell me im beautiful.
i guess to fill me up with special words. i


Close your eyes and picture a clear blue sky. the two of us walkin leavin our footsteps behind.

I look into your eyes and you bend down and tell me you love me. that was one of my fantasy that did come true.


Let me into your heart deep enough to find a spot
that i wont be replaced.
Let me show you how real i can be, how strong i can
be to hold your heart.


i deeply look into your eyes, i cant tell the future.
sadly im dieing to know. are you really here for me?
please i want to know.

The Eyes

the brown eyes that are lovely shaped.
it creates a soft expression. As i
stare in them, im tryin to look and see if your
hurt. my eyes grow wider because i see that you are.

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im a female, my race is cape verdean.i love writing poems. poems are my way to express my feelings. i love it when men write poems. i want to write a book in a few years.hopefully it comes true

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