Linda Ori

Rookie - 192 Points (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Linda Ori Poems

201. It's All Over But The Crying 12/27/2009
202. Haiku For You 8/12/2006
203. Carry Me Home 11/11/2009
204. Hasslefree Poetry 9/6/2006
205. In My Imagination 9/19/2006
206. You Know Who You Are 8/26/2006
207. Night Terror 7/20/2006
208. Blessing Or A Curse? 11/9/2006
209. ' Taken For Granted 2/4/2011
210. ! Blame It On The Moon 3/22/2008
211. Stolen Moments 5/6/2006
212. Woman Of The Night 10/29/2006
213. Lake House Morning 7/1/2006
214. ' The Glowing 8/29/2009
215. ! Apocalypse? 10/26/2008
216. Freedom Of Choice 12/25/2005
217. Ancient Dreaming 7/28/2006
218. ! The Physician 6/2/2009
219. Forest Sprite Ii 8/23/2006
220. ! Oh, Please ! 5/22/2009
221. ! In Your World 3/18/2008
222. ' Every Little Thing 6/11/2009
223. * A Meeting Of The Minds * 2/10/2008
224. ! Most Difficult Decision 5/13/2008
225. Level Of Thought 2/10/2007
226. ! Tomorrow Is Another Day 7/6/2008
227. ' Regrets - Haiku Series 8/26/2009
228. Sports Fanatic 8/19/2006
229. ! Trapped ! 5/19/2009
230. ' Last Farewell 12/28/2009
231. ! Loyal Fan 9/6/2008
232. ! Thinking Outloud 3/1/2008
233. ' Dreamscape 1/15/2010
234. ! Night Dragons 2/27/2009
235. Grandpa's Owl 11/18/2006
236. ' The Pasta Pot 9/11/2009
237. Lost Dreams 11/3/2009
238. ' Solace 3/25/2009
239. From The Heart 6/8/2006
240. ! Black Magic ! 10/25/2008

Comments about Linda Ori

  • Esam Jarbou (4/6/2010 2:13:00 AM)

    If there is a poem from heaven i would say Linda Ori's poems are the living poof. Linda is great poet.

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  • Shashendra Amalshan (8/11/2009 10:41:00 AM)

    Linda is a very good modern poet. She is very versatile in her skills... Most of her poems are very entertaining and extremely readable... She does write thought provoking ones too, In that sense she has what it takes to arouse the reader’s mind’s eye! ! ! .... And she has what it takes to make the reader move with her lines.. Some of her poems seem to ooze out emotions….
    As a person she is a priceless friend too… I mean some of her poems do reflect what a lovely lady she is…..
    If any want some fun, I should recommend start reading her by turning to her poem“
    That’s great fun, hilarious..! ! ! !

    Best wishes and with lots of love

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  • Mitta Xinindlu Mitta Xinindlu (3/24/2008 12:54:00 PM)

    Talking about a person who knows her work..this lady right here. I love your work and it's so inspirational, mostly because you have skills, expirience and whatever else it takes to be where you are with writing.

    I've read your work and shall continue

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  • Greenwolfe 1962 (2/9/2008 1:43:00 PM)

    The other comments you shall read here about this poetess will express
    the personal feelings they felt at reading her poetry. Many of them will
    have a difficult time explaining why her poetry has such an effect on them.
    After all, it appears as if hers is similar to the poetry of so many others
    who may give them the same effect occasionally. The most telling of
    these comments will be those saying that they shall return here to read
    Whatever the comments, they are just a simple manifestation of what
    they are really experiencing. That , for which , they have no words.
    For what they are doing is reading 'real' poetry. Not what someone
    calls poetry, not what someone says reads like poetry, not what an
    academic advocates as qualified to be called poetry. No, this is what
    a greater power than resides on earth declared to be poetry long before
    it had the name. Her written words are not modern poetry or Whitman
    poetry, Poe poetry, Byron poetry, Islamic poetry, or poetry by any
    description of man. Least of all, this one. So I shall not even try. The
    true seeds of poetry are written in our minds, not in our hearts.
    Before poetry enters our heart, it must be heard by our minds. Our
    minds hear poetry through the sound of the words, not their meanings.
    The great poets can speak this language so that it reaches our hearts
    with meaning after passing through our minds with the sound of their words.
    By such means is poetry defined and by such a great poetess as this is
    God able to reach the heart as well as the mind of man. Linda Ori , is
    all that a poetess or any true artist can ever be.

    Greenwolfe 1962

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  • Tara very irritated with PH injustice (11/4/2007 12:55:00 PM)

    By way of her poetry Linda somehow brings out (variously) the atmosphere, the emotions, the colours, the scene/s. Always with impact. The impact is often one of senerity. I feel peaceful yet pensive after reading one of Linda's poems. And one is never enough.
    Linda, my hat off to you.


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  • Nimal Dunuhinga (3/25/2006 12:53:00 PM)

    I found sadness of her poems like pastel drawings.

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  • Richard Bunch (3/25/2006 9:42:00 AM)

    Not just the words, but the spirit behind them: lovely!

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Best Poem of Linda Ori

' How Do I Reach You?

If I could put it into words -
All that my heart is feeling,
Would they help to warm your heart
Or would they send you reeling?

There are so many emotions
So many words to say,
But which ones would you savor
And which ones throw away?

I live in indecision -
Which formula is best?
Overwhelm you with my thoughts
Or give your heart a rest;

It's difficult to hold inside
This flood of raw emotion
That threatens now to drown me
Like a shipwreck on the ocean;

I would die a thousand deaths
To think you never knew
Just how ...

Read the full of ' How Do I Reach You?


You wander through my dreams -
A ghost of a thought drifting in and out
Coloring my sleep with sunshine and shadow,
You fill my unconscious mind -
Every waking hour, every word I speak,
Every step I take is guided by your hand;
You're never far from me -
A memory creeps in and silently slips away
Taking my spirit along to a place in my dreams;

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