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Do you ever wonder...............
Why lives intersect,
React to one another -
What makes our hearts connect?

If I could put it into words -
All that my heart is feeling,
Would they help to warm your heart
Or would they send you reeling?

There are consequences to everything
Intentions have their purpose -
So don't deny
Or justify -

In the darkness of your thoughts
Created by circumstances
Both complex and overwhelming,
When no amount of spirits

One bright star in the vast unknown
A blazing ember in the night sky shone
Reminding me that I'm not alone...............
One bright star;

There was a little fairy
Sat beneath a tree -
Humming to her tiny self
A haunting melody;

Sure, you're tough and resilient -
able to keep your feelings
under control,
when everyone around you

Football is my favorite game
I love to watch them play -
Those tightly muscled butts and legs
On an awesome autumn day;

As I was walking through the wood
One warm and sunny summer day,
I chanced upon a lovely sight
A swirl of butterflies in flight;

How many moments stand out in your mind
As heart-stopping moments truly defined
By all that you wish for, your hopes and your dreams
Those moments created by magic, it seems

You look at me with sad green eyes,
I'm overcome with feeling-
Such deep emotion they disguise,
Yet send my senses reeling; They speak to me of loneliness

I'll carry you with me here in my heart
From now 'til forever, we never will part,
Though all that we hoped for is now in the past,
Your memory lingers -the mold has been cast;

Alone in the velvet darkness,
a soul dwells
in ignorance

Baby, sweet baby, with tears in your eyes
Rest your head gently, there's no need to cry,
Come let me sing you a soft lullaby
The sandman is coming and dreamland is nigh;

You alone reveal my soul,
The intimacy of my deepest thoughts
Wrapped around each emotion,
Each beat of my heart;

Is this what life is all about?
All there is to know...
I can't believe I've come this far
And still so far to go;

From infinite depths of heaven,
warrior clouds
ignite the universe
to flame.....................

I did not bring you roses
When you searched for something rare,
Instead I brought you daisies
And I hoped you wouldn't care;

We'll be together one fine day
Though life has turned our hair to gray
And we've missed the tender touch of youth
But not the warm embrace of truth;

A human blossom
Blooming with the breath of life -
Totally awesome

Linda Ori Biography

Born and raised in the midwest until 1975 when I moved to Utah. I began writing poetry as a student in the 60's and again in the 90's. In between, I pursued a career in nursing, but am now retired and loving it! My poetry has been published in over a dozen poetry anthologies, by the National Library of Poetry, International Society of Poets, Mile High Poetry Society, Amherst Society. Inducted into the International Poetry Hall of Fame in 1998. Invited to read at several conventions over the past ten years, in Washington, D.C. and Disneyland. My poetry has been acknowledged by authors Neal Donald Walsch, and Gary Zukav. I write locally for friends and family, for weddings and funerals and other special occasions. I also enjoy painting and sketching. I am currently enjoying retirement, and my grandkids. I have 3 children,4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.)

The Best Poem Of Linda Ori

! Do You Ever Wonder..................

Do you ever wonder...............
Why lives intersect,
React to one another -
What makes our hearts connect?

Within a sea of others
Why do we recognize
That one specific person
Seen only through our eyes;

Some may call it destiny,
Or mere coincidence,
But I believe in miracles
And that makes perfect sense;

When two souls are searching
For their other half,
Destiny aligns them
On their universal path,

And when the time is optimum
The stage of life is set,
Two lives will find each other
That before had never met;

Perhaps a random moment,
A bolt out of the blue?
Whatever caused our paths to cross,
I'm glad mine crossed with you!


Linda Ori Comments

Nimal Dunuhinga 25 March 2006

I found sadness of her poems like pastel drawings.

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Richard Bunch 25 March 2006

Not just the words, but the spirit behind them: lovely!

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Esam Jarbou 06 April 2010

If there is a poem from heaven i would say Linda Ori's poems are the living poof. Linda is great poet.

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Shashendra Amalshan 11 August 2009

Linda is a very good modern poet. She is very versatile in her skills... Most of her poems are very entertaining and extremely readable... She does write thought provoking ones too, In that sense she has what it takes to arouse the reader’s mind’s eye! ! ! .... And she has what it takes to make the reader move with her lines.. Some of her poems seem to ooze out emotions…. As a person she is a priceless friend too… I mean some of her poems do reflect what a lovely lady she is….. If any want some fun, I should recommend start reading her by turning to her poem“ 'WOMAN OF THE NIGHT “ That’s great fun, hilarious..! ! ! ! Best wishes and with lots of love Shan

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Mitta Xinindlu 24 March 2008

Talking about a person who knows her work..this lady right here. I love your work and it's so inspirational, mostly because you have skills, expirience and whatever else it takes to be where you are with writing. I've read your work and shall continue

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 February 2008

The other comments you shall read here about this poetess will express the personal feelings they felt at reading her poetry. Many of them will have a difficult time explaining why her poetry has such an effect on them. After all, it appears as if hers is similar to the poetry of so many others who may give them the same effect occasionally. The most telling of these comments will be those saying that they shall return here to read again. Whatever the comments, they are just a simple manifestation of what they are really experiencing. That , for which , they have no words. For what they are doing is reading 'real' poetry. Not what someone calls poetry, not what someone says reads like poetry, not what an academic advocates as qualified to be called poetry. No, this is what a greater power than resides on earth declared to be poetry long before it had the name. Her written words are not modern poetry or Whitman poetry, Poe poetry, Byron poetry, Islamic poetry, or poetry by any description of man. Least of all, this one. So I shall not even try. The true seeds of poetry are written in our minds, not in our hearts. Before poetry enters our heart, it must be heard by our minds. Our minds hear poetry through the sound of the words, not their meanings. The great poets can speak this language so that it reaches our hearts with meaning after passing through our minds with the sound of their words. By such means is poetry defined and by such a great poetess as this is God able to reach the heart as well as the mind of man. Linda Ori , is all that a poetess or any true artist can ever be. Greenwolfe 1962

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By way of her poetry Linda somehow brings out (variously) the atmosphere, the emotions, the colours, the scene/s. Always with impact. The impact is often one of senerity. I feel peaceful yet pensive after reading one of Linda's poems. And one is never enough. Linda, my hat off to you. t x

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