RoseAnn V. Shawiak Lips Poems

On Water's Lips

Rocks lying on their backs under water, looking up into the
sky, ducks sleeping lazily, floating like toy sailboats on
the water.

Prayer On My Lips

Lying back, thinking about you, knowing you are
sitting up in bed reading, only because I am not
with you, nor will I ever be again.

Touching Lips Of Imagination

Flowing and soaring into the air, billowing as it passes by trees, whispering breezes at their leaves, touching lips of imagination as it kisses it lightly in a silent friendship.

Being alive in Mother Nature and humanity together, picturing images as they become created in the very midst of rhythms tonight.

Lips Wanting To Be Spoken To In A Kiss

Rhythms of a colorful life being sung so affectionately
in throes of our lives.

Wondering how we ever got together, because we were so

Lips Meeting For The Very First Time

Magic moments are opening up so gently and surprisingly
in the moonlit night as we two went walking along shores
of brilliance holding hands.

Silent Lips

Silent lips praying for hope that will not come to be,
yet continuing anyway.

A bright light unfolds from within, showing us the way

Lips Of Lies

Lies are falling from lips of obama, never knowing the
truth, but we continue to tell him.

Knowing that we are failing to listen to him because

Quiet Lips Of Solitude

Wispy mesquite trees fanning sides of buildings
erected in the arid desert framework.

Life dwells intelligently alone on an oasis,

Lips Of Glass

Chattering lips of clear glass, meeting in a tinkling as they touch when words are spoken, especially those in anger.
Leaving omens lying along pathways as people move away from each other in darkened moods of confusion,

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