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Seagulls And Cheetos

I walked along the shoreline leaving footprints in the sand,
munching on some Cheetos that I held within my hand.
A single seagull up above was keeping up with me,
and when I looked again, the single seagull turned to three.

A Wrinkle In Time

Loneliness is standing on a crowded street corner,



It will never happen again, he says, wiping your tear-streaked face.
You smile through the rain.

The second time it happens, like magic, at the door, a dozen blood red roses

My Green Heaven

As winter releases it's icy grip, and sun's kiss warms the ground,
my hands plunge into rich, dark earth, to spread the seeds around.
I tuck the germinated seeds inside their earthly beds,
and patiently I wait to see them to rear their lovely heads.

World's Collide

Cherry sweet and ruby red, lips on fire...
Losing myself in emerald eyes so deep, I drown.
Sweet and slow mingle, ancient dance;
when mouths join moist and tender.

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