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All She Wanted Is To Be Wanted

He hugged her and kissed her
And you just looked and stared
I saw that you saw her
And didnt show me that you even cared

Behind My Laughs

These fine joyful laughs
Deeply are soulful cries
It breaks my heart into half
Never stops no matter how many one tries


Memories flashing back
Tears filling the eye
History unfolding
Oh, how i hate goodbyes

The Love He Never Knew....

He made her happy
He made her fly
But she turned him down
So will he ever try

Friend Ship

freind-ship is like a piece of french fries
it can easily be broken
it is like the sun when it rise
and like a cake out of the oven!

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Tazy Rocks 08 November 2009

this poem rocks like meee! ! ! but i rock better, hahah

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am a teenage who is a little bit crazy and like breaking rules but not a psycho i like everyone and i have a naughty little sis and two annoying bigger bros and i love dad so much i have a wonderful aunt called salma she is way too crazy and a sweet cousin and three best friends and my life is upside down but am okay with it! ! ! !
i have a bunc ...

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