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I'll make you beg
Like a dog
I can do this
All night long

Just another day
In a teenagers life
Filled with rage, depression
Hate and lies

I see the blade
It says my name
I reach for it
It cuts my vain

I see the sorrow
in her eyes
the pain, the hurt
death and lies

I look into a mirror
And see a dead soul
Her heart is black
So whitherd and cold

I'm in a suicidal heaven
Where everyone has killed themselves
I was brain-washed to believe
That I would be sent down to hell

Sitting in the dark
Fingers in my eyes
Curled in the corner
Bleeding as I die

The tears they burn my redding eyes
My heart it aches form inside
I open my heart and let him in
Now he's ripped right out of it

I see the bodies in my mind
Cold and dead covered in grime
I hear them cry and watch them wail
They reach for me, so cold so pale


I hear the voices
In my head
They scream at me
And want me dead

I feel the beat
Die away
Beating faintly
Full of shame


The hurt is here
It never ends
Its always been here
My only friend


I will sew my lips so I cannot speak
I will sew my eyes so I cannot see
I will sew my throat so I cannot breathe
I will sew my brain so I cannot think


I do not sleep
I do not cry
I do not eat
I do not hide

Hydro's, zanax
Cymbalta, prozac

These pills I eat

Pale and cold
Dead and white
My eyes blank
Stricken with fright

the pain within me
never ends
never takes a break
never goes away

ther is nothing left
but cold and hate
a blackend heart
a miserable fate

internal maggots
eating my heart
I gouge at myself
to get them out

feilds of black
I see in my mind
decaying trees
dark-lit skies

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The Time of Change is here, I feel the Earth within my soul as her spirit cleanses my mind and body; Never will I be the same.)

The Best Poem Of lizzy smith

Violent Sex

I'll make you beg
Like a dog
I can do this
All night long

I like it hard
I like it fast
So bite my neck
And smack my a.s.s

Tie me up
Throw me down
Make me scream
Watch me howl

Violent sex
Is the best
Rough and messy
Hot and sexy

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Shannon Cobb 28 December 2008

Lizzy. I doubt your going to get this. But your aunt stopped answering my calls. You havnt logged onto myspace. I know something happend, but i have been SO worried about you dude. Everydayyy i think about you and worry. I even PRAY that your okay, and i never usually pray. If you get this, honey, pleaseee call me okay? Please. I NEED to know your okay. My number is 847-912-4079 Thankss liz. I love you.

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