Lorenzo Thomas

Rating: 4.33
Rating: 4.33

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Back In The Day

When we were boys
We called each other 'Man'
With a long n
Pronounced as if a promise

The Leopard

The eyeballs on her behind are like fire
Leaping and annoying
The space they just passed
Just like fire would do

Downtown Boom

There are no gospel singers

Dirge For Amadou Diallo

It is hard to have your son die
In a distant land


There may be other roles you recognize
Sailors at nightwatch
Soldiers on picket

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Lorenzo Thomas (August 31, 1944 – July 4, 2005) was an American poet and critic. He was born in the Republic of Panama and grew up in New York City, where his family immigrated in 1948.
Thomas was a graduate of Queens College in New York. During his years there, he joined the Umbra Workshop, which drew young writers to the Lower East Side of New Y ...

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