Francis Duggan Loss Poems

On Somebody's Loss

It was and it is and will always remain
That somebody's loss is another's gain
If you wish to know why this should be
You better ask someone more knowledgeable than me

A Mother's Loss

Every Saturday his mother places a fresh bunch of flowers on his grave
And kneels and prays for the son who in war did die brave
And though he has been deceased for many years
Memories of him do reduce her to tears

Somebody's Loss

It is a fact of human existence that does remain
That somebody's loss becomes somebody's gain
This is something that does seem too complex for me
Though i often do wonder why this should be

Why Somebody's Loss

Why somebody's loss is another's gain
Is something beyond me even to try to explain
Though some who claim to know better than me do say
That i am rather silly for thinking or talking this way

On Millstreet's Munster Semi Final Loss To Brosna

To lose to Kerry's best with honor in any grade of gaelic football is never a disgrace
And though for Millstreet in the Munster junior club final there will not be a place
Their fans and players will remember the year of twenty fourteen
For it was a great year for the gold and the green

When Somebody's Loss

The big doubt on human values does remain
When somebody's loss is another one's gain
The wealthy minority the judgemental see as a success
Whilst the haves nots are those who do fail to impress

Of Your Financial Loss

I am sorry to hear of your financial loss
But many are burdened with some sort of cross
Though how somebody's loss can be another's gain
Is something that seems beyond me to explain

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