Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Loss Poems

Any Human Loss

Soldiers are known for their integrity
In peace and in war they have proved their capability
In peace time they have lot more to perform
As their availability is guarded and informed

Loss Of An Identity

Loss of identity

Greed has poisoned
War hawks has reasoned

Personal Loss

Personal loss

We call life's journey
As an Ocean of pure misery

No, Loss Of Time

Is not the life formidable challenge?
That is encountered at each stage
With exposure
To danger

Make Full Loss As

Make full loss

Only one match stick is sufficient
To explode an inflammable element

Trust Loss

Trust loss
Wednesday,23rd October 2019

it is called deception

Feel About Loss

Feel about loss

Very sad moment
When you present

The Loss May Be

Yes, marriage alliance is holy
That is remembered not by part but wholly
If one departs earlier
How can another remain happier?

Weigh Loss

So long with cheers
Weigh loss may be no fear
It shall not shed even ounce
Little inclusion of worry can take chance

Apparent Loss

There is no reason to say “yes “and agree
To everything as you won’t like to be
You have independent mind to think
As it may always be written as surrender with black ink

Great Loss

Great loss
Wednesday,7th August 2019

Sushma Swaraj left for heaven

Politicians Loss

Politicians lose
Friday,8th February 2019

Politicians are losing their prestige

Life At Loss

Happiness is state
You openly feel and state
Your face lines express
He charm is reflected on face

Identity Loss

Identity loss

You are victim of your own perception
It is fast changing nation

Loss Of Trust

It is shame on humanity
Bad reflection and insult to divinity
As we claim highly privileged persons
But go down in history with various reasons

Express Loss

How can you grieve and express loss?
Do you cry loud think or choose?
Stay in corner and get lost in memory
Stay with gloomy face under deep worry

As Great Loss

I grew nice beard
For nice words to be heard
To be felt as inseparable part
Belong to sect and never to depart

What Is Success And Loss

What is success & loss
Thursday,8th July 2021

What is called success?

Loss Over

Loss over
Sunday,16th May 2021

She was motionless

Loss Of Life Due To

Loss of life

Monday, February 26,2018
8: 46 PM

No Loss For Rose

No loss for rose

Sunday, January 21,2018
8: 56 PM

Trust Loss-Entertainment

Trust loss-Entertainment
Wednesday,28th October 2020

Human beings have found out

Make Full Loss

Make full loss

Only one match stick is sufficient
To explode an inflammable element

Never At Loss

Never at loss

The birds wake me early
I come out of bed and get ready

Loss Of Soldier's Life

“Will you join us”?
Why not trust us? ?
Some of the boys were teasing a girl
Passing bad remarks and making ugly turn

Loss Of Life

To loose some one in family means a total loss
Sit in prayer’s house and look at the cross
Show the helplessness and lament for futility of life
Think of hollow relation with parent, brother including wife

Error Success