Bijay Kant Dubey Lost Poems


'Why does he read so much,
Keep himself busy with,
Reading and writing and thinking,
Himself talking, himself whispering,

On the Facebook, find I not the sweet and missing face
Of my sweetheart, of my love,
The queen of my heart,
When will she come,

Brquawalli, In Your Memory, How Lost Am I!

Burquawalli, how lost am I,
in your love
As keep I dreaming about,
As keep I thinking about day and night

Tumhari yaad mein kitana bekhabar hain hum,
Tumhari yaad mein,
Bas tumhari yaad mein
Kitana bekhabar hain hum.


God, return me my purity of heart,
That chastity
Which I had in the beginning,
God, return me, return me,

My Little Daughter, How Lost Am I In Your Love!

My little, how lost am I in your love,
You standing before
And I seeing you.

O Himalayas, Tell You Of The Lost Mountaineers!

O Himalayas, lofty and high, sky-kissing
And high and lofty,
Mountainous and deep,
Snowy and impregnable,

Lost Love

Lost love, your sighs and sobs
I haven’t,
I haven’t,
Instead of my love for you,

Burquawalli, How Lost Am I In Your Love!

Burquawalli, the night I saw you, I could not forget you,
The night I saw you passing, I could not forget you,
My love.

In the midst of traffic signals glowing red, yellow and green,
The jams coming to a standstill,
People stopped on,
Vehicles standing bumper to bumper.

Lost Love, Oh My Lost Love!

Lost Love,
How in many a mood of mine
Have I sketched,
Sketched and drawn you,

My Lost Love, Tears Are In Your Eyes!

What has it,
Has it happened to you,
My lost love
That see I

My Lost Love, Why Are You So Sad?

With the eyes turned red
And you trying to avert the gaze,
Weeping in hiding,
Trying to wipe the teardrops

My Lost Love, Where Do You Lie In Weeping?

My lost love,
Where do you
Lie in weeping

My Lost Love, it appears to be
Somebody is
Wailing and weeping
Under the raatraani tree

Lost Mood

Lost mood, which it is needed for writing
Which search I,
Want I to forget.

My Lost Love

Lost Love,
I still think of you
As I have not you,
Whenever I think you

How Would Milton Have Paradise Lost?

Milton, how did he
Paradise Lost,
Burning midnight lamp,
Gripped with poetic fever and frenzy,

Lost Love, I Feel Your!

Lost Love,
I feel your absence
When I see you not,
I feel for

We talk about politicians and politics,
Leaders and leadership,
Do we ever those fighting Covid-19,
Those medical staff and doctors who lost themselves

The Value

What it remains,
What it goes with,

Memories Of A Lost Brother

Fraught with childhood memories
I remember you from far
And now you are exhausted and gone away
From where nobody comes

I Lost Them All One By One, The Fall Of The Wickets

First, my father
After that
Then my aunt,
My mother,

The Cheetah, Bring Back The Cheetah Lost

The cheetah
With the trickled tears drops
From the eye-sockets,

Milton Dictates Paradise Lost

Milton Dictates Paradise Lost

(The Writing And Composition of Paradise Lost? / The Dictation of Paradise Lost To His Daughters/ How Did Blind Milton Compose His Paradise Lost?)

Can the Bamiyan Buddhas be not rebuilt,
The scenes and sites recreated,
The landscape historic,
Archaeological and ancient?

Lost Love, Wordsworth's Poetry

Lost love,
The magic and music of it,
How to forget it,

On Reading Lost Love By Wordsworth

Is it a poem about Lucy
Or about lost love?
Or, about innocent love,
A girl who lived unknown,

O, I Have, Have Lost My Friend! O, I Have, Have Really!

My love I have lost him,
My friend, I have; lost him,
Now, now, you say to,
Say yo,

Lost Love (Valentine Day)

My heart is beating,
O, it is calling,
Calling you,
My love,

I Search The Lost Child In Me

I search the lost child
In me,
The lost child
And its innocence, ignorance.

My lost,
Lost love
Wherever are you,

O, my lost love,
O, my,
Where do you

How To Restore Back Lost Vedism, Upanishadism & Puranism?

How to restore back that classicism
Seen in the forms
Of Vedism, Upanishadism and Puranism,
The Rig Veda, the Sam Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Atharva Veda

Chandramukhi, Moonfaced, How Lost Am I In Your Memory!

Chandramukhi, Chandramukhi, how lost am I here
In your sweet remembrance,
The memory of yours,
How many years have it slipped by,

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