Lou Embalsado Poems

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Hi. The name is Lou.
Born in the land of the new moon,
raised in the Pearl of the Orient.
My Grandparents as my Parents,

The Player (A Hair Product Is Not A Love Product)

Put all of your excuses in the basement,
coz I've got somethin' better for you,
it's a word called 'atonement',
for the ladies' hearts you broke into two.

The Girl (Accurate Words For Inaccurate Times)

Keep your tempo, honey
coz sarcasm's after you,
on you, I'll put my money
you will feed my entire crew,

I know,
Yes, I clearly do Know,
that this Nike came from the sweatshops,
of New Delhi or Taiwan,

Tokyo Drama

Electronic neon paradise,
into the sea of jet black heads,
and of all the gin joints,
a unique figure appeared,

A Prank Call (A Click And A Flash, A Sudden Drop And A Rash)

My depression,
became a media-friendly phenomenon,
This epidemic,
became the church of all the fanatics,

Bad Move (My Obsession Turned Into A Session)

I had her down her knees,
not sexually, but mentally.
Although it was like sex,
The Adrenaline,

The Video Gamer (Less Talkin', More Button Pushin'! !)

I spent hours,
to gain powers.
a jump here and a bunny hop.