Louisa May Alcott

(29 November 1832 – 6 March 1888 / Pennsylvania / United States)

Louisa May Alcott Poems

1. My Frost-King - Song Ii 4/6/2010
2. My Frost-King - Song I 4/6/2010
3. Healfast, Healfast, Ye Hero Wounds 4/6/2010
4. Y Are The Maiden Posies 4/6/2010
5. Lily-Bell 4/6/2010
6. Little Nell 4/6/2010
7. Little Paul 4/6/2010
8. Here Is The Bracelet 4/6/2010
9. He That Is Down Need Fear No Fall 4/6/2010
10. I Wish I Had A Quiet Tomb 4/6/2010
11. Hello! Hello! 4/6/2010
12. Hither, Hither 4/6/2010
13. My Doves 4/6/2010
14. Dear Grif 4/6/2010
15. Beds To The Front Of Them 4/6/2010
16. Bide A Wee 4/6/2010
17. Give Me Freshening Breeze, My Boys 4/6/2010
18. Fragments From 4/6/2010
19. Chingery Wangery Chan 4/6/2010
20. French Song 4/6/2010
21. I Write About The Butterfly 4/6/2010
22. And If Your Nancy Frowns, My Lad 4/6/2010
23. A Lament For S. B. Pat Paw 4/6/2010
24. Lily-Bell And Thistledown Song Ii 1/1/2004
25. 'The Frost-King' Song 1 1/1/2004
26. Gingerbread 4/6/2010
27. 'The Rose Family' Song 1 1/1/2004
28. From Our Happy Home 4/6/2010
29. Fragments 4/6/2010
30. He Prayeth Best Who Loveth Best 4/6/2010
31. In The Garret 4/6/2010
32. 'The Rose Family' Song Ii 1/1/2004
33. 'The Frost-King' Song Ii 1/1/2004
34. A Song From The Suds 4/6/2010
35. Brighter Shone The Golden Shadows 4/6/2010
36. For Myself Alone, I Would Not Be 4/6/2010
37. Clover-Blossom 4/6/2010
38. Lily-Bell And Thistledown Song I 1/1/2004
39. The Lay Of A Golden Goose 1/1/2004
40. Here's A Nut 4/6/2010

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    was there a real Laurie (the boy next door) in Louisas life?

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    She Is New It is like i Dont even know her so i am going to figure out about her

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    Love her poems! ! What a beautiful lady?

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Best Poem of Louisa May Alcott

My Kingdom

A little kingdom I possess
where thoughts and feelings dwell,
And very hard I find the task
of governing it well;
For passion tempts and troubles me,
A wayward will misleads,
And selfishness its shadow casts
On all my words and deeds.

How can I learn to rule myself,
to be the child I should,
Honest and brave, nor ever tire
Of trying to be good?
How can I keep a sunny soul
To shine along life's way?
How can I tune my little heart
To sweetly sing all day?

Dear Father, help me with the love
that casteth out my fear; ...

Read the full of My Kingdom

'The Frost-King' Song Ii

Brighter shone the golden shadows;
On the cool wind softly came
The low, sweet tones of happy flowers,
Singing little Violet's name.
'Mong the green trees was it whispered,
And the bright waves bore it on
To the lonely forest flowers,
Where the glad news had not gone.