Luca Menin Poems

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Puddle Of Water


Like streamlets of gin,
floating the bottom of a bottle
The veins flows, intoxicate abstinence's woes,
carried like wreckage, drying on the sandy shore.


Waste at the door
Drunk of apple core,
spiting seeds of the last tree.
The hands hold the head,

Autumn Sunset

Pour the eyes, crystal soul
Venus radiant, tears of wax
The skin listens exquisite, the roots.
Drying out on the green valley

Bury Me….

Bury me on the top of the higher hill
Under the tree blown by the breeze
So that I can rest with the falling leafs
Under the sun that comes and goes

When The Clouds...

When the clouds, like waves, overwhelm the moon.
The nocturnal sea of velvety glances, sail
I have been stood, in this ocean of dark blossom.
Where silent hang the remembrance, of the last hoot.

To All

Fear lies upon his face, what happening;
sadly dark veil covers his eyes,
why all this? , this noise, these lights,
the fire burns, these bombs.

The Abandoned Fishing Boat

Through the fissure of the reeds
caress by the breeze,
the water sparkle lit
blind hear the waves recede.

Like An Eagle Resting...

Like an eagle resting on the yellow shape of the silent sun
I Wait impatiently the dingles of the bells
Crying conscience of steady moons, at angels sunset
Breathless death, with his narcissus eyes

Dancing On The Sea

Exotic sounds
Staring as if hypnotized.
The moon savouring enchanted, those movements
almost stationary The sound of the sea,